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So Long

It's been FOREVER since I have logged in....I know I have been slacking badly. I wish there was a way for an update on 1 site to simply update all sites! That would be awesome. I have to admit I have fallen in love with twitter my tag is @javafreak68 I can update from my blackberry anytime anywhere its GREAT!

So aside from being on Twitter I finally finished and graduated with my Masters in Research and Statistics THIS MONTH!!! I'm so excited . I begin classes in September for Global Invest...Read more

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Hi  I have been slacking but I wanted to post a few of the pictures from when I took from when me and @vududoll met Far East Movement! It was an AMAZING show The vids came out decent not bad since I was being bounced around lol. Char has those...I am unsure if she posted but she was editing since I'm not very good at that. Read more

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Quick Note

I hope this finds everyone well  . On my end school has been crazy! I am in the middle of another review of my thesis. Classes began ALREADY! I am now commuting to NYC 3 days a week-it's about 4 hours of just travel time to and from  but it is a good school...In any downtime I have tried to spend time with my family and working on healing. So far it seems to be improving, I even am being reduced and taken off one of the medications!!! Very happy about that...Read more

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Triumvir update


I completely forgot to mention Triumvir has launched their Summer 2009 collection!! The link above is the vid explaining the collection ;0)

Ck out the look book for more http://www.triumvir3.com/lookbook.html

They are GREAT people with AMAZING Taste in CLOTHING

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Hi All,

I haven't been around much lately...I am working on my thesis and 2 projects. One of the projects is on twitter #27million which is the 27 million project for more info ck out www.freetheslaves.net and then the #27million on twitter. Basically there are 27 million modern slaves and 1 of my friends is in Argentina filming a documentary for the project. I am also excited to begin meeting with people for my music festival preparations! Other news I was accepted into the scho...Read more

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Food Blog

I went to Providence yesterday to see Nick and the waterfires ;0). Nick and I went for Japanese food which was soooooooo GOOD. Anyway since I tend to forget to put food in my blogs here is what we both had for dinner Read more

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Poem about a friend..

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Ok so we did ALOT of work when my family was here! We also had much fun at night between the BBQ's and Bonfires ;0) The night it rained my cousin and I cooked a crazy amount of food and hosted an indoor gambling thing so everyone played cheezy games and won scratch off lotto tickets as prizes  Ok so we have pix of my cuz then 5 of my uncles and my cuz at the table during our gambling night everyone else is in the kitchen and refused photos sniffffffff ah wel...Read more

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100 Truths


  1. last beverage= Amp

 2. last phone call= Glenn

  1. last text message= Missy


  1. last song you listened to= "i KNOW YOU WANT ME" Pitbull


  1. last time you cried=yesterday after this person I had really cool plans with took back the plans and gave a very not so nice reason as to why...



  1. dated someone twice= yes

  2. been cheated ōn= 3 times that I know of

  3. ...Read more
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Rich and Creamy…Just the way I like it ^-^ Without coffee life would be slow-drink up and live life faster! No thing can make you happy. Happiness origina


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