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My clever turtles!

I never knew I would say this, but I gotta admit my turtles are really clever.

Everyone knows I have 8 water turtles and 1 South African tortoise. Well last night, as I was having a midnight snack/tea with my parents in the living room, one of my turtles , Biggie (Ah Dai) as soon as he saw me sitting down, started patting the water in the tank with his paws. Normally he would just sit on the float with the others and enjoy the heat under the lamp. But last night he was patting so much (the most extreme I'd seen in a while) he l...Read more

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Money and Freeconomics

I've just read on the news yesterday that a chap from England is planning a 2 and a half year trip to India without bringing any money - to show his faith in humanity.

He's a follower of what is called the Freeconomy movement (http://www.justfortheloveofit.org) and its pretty interesting. Its basically envisaging a world we live in where we live without money, and we survive only from the help we give each other. There's over 3,000 members joined alread...Read more

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Proving Your Worth To God

No doubt many of you have all heard about actor Heath Ledger's passing recently. He was an extraordinarily gifted actor, and it is a big loss to the entertainment world that he is gone. His passing has reminded me about the value of time. From a quote I have read:

To Realize the Value of Time

To realize the value of one year:

     Ask a student who has failed a final exam.

To realize the value of one month:

     Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize the v...Read more

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Two butterflies

Something strange happened over the last few days with me.....

I've been walking in the streets of HK, thinking about things as I was walking by and on two separate days something extraordinary happened. I saw a butterfly appear in front of me on two separate occasions. I don't know why the butterflies appeared, but felt maybe it had something to do with my state of mind at the time.

The first time I was thinking about HK being a such wonderful place filled with many interesting and lovely people (in Causeway Bay area)...Read more

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What is happening to our world?

I just read today two stories on the BBC News website that is really upsetting. The first, is that the UK is bringing in American-style metal detection points in schools and the second is that Gaza City near Israel has been plunged into total darkness, because the last power plant there has no more fuel to run the electricity turbines. What is happening to the world around us I ask?

I have been to London schools before, and in my experience in the past, some of the schools in the public domain were certainly not up to ...Read more

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iPhones unbricked with v1.13 update

According to a report here from Gizmodo.com, users who have bought Apple iPhones but somehow had them 'bricked' or disabled from calling through improper  methods have managed to recover their previously blocked phones with the new v1.13 updates. In one instance of success, a guy who was so happy he got back his old phone, he actually cried.

More on the story here >

http://gizmodo.com/346239/confirmed-bricked-iphones-rise-from...Read more

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Fotan Artists Open Studios 2008

FOTANIAN HK Studios Exhibition EventLinking Exploring Multi-perspectives www.fotanian.com

12th-13th, 19th-20th JANUARY 2008 2pm-8pm

Information Centre:

Lobby, Shatin Galleria, 18-24 Shan Mei Street, Fotan, New Territories


Mini-bus 60K at Exit B, Shatin MTR Station; or walk from Fotan MTR station Enquiries:


6573 2606 / 971...Read more

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More photos in the album

Just to let you guys know I've added more photos for you to enjoy in my album.

You'll need to press More Albums to see them :)

Happy 2008 everyone!

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Crazy Japs

I rarely watch Japanese TV especially prank shows but I came across these clips on Youtube the other day and just could stop laughing.....

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdgdBOTUSqg&feature=related

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf1dHcv9DnM

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Happy 2008

This is a view of the IFC Tower in HK undergoing New Year celebrations. I didn't

 catch much because it happened too quickly....and my vid-cam ran out of space :( - luckily

my Dad managed to grab some great shots, so should have something soon.....

Apologies for the blurriness.....

Read more

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