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A Heart For Common Principles

Something annoying happened yesterday. We were walking near Wanchai on the way home and on the way back came across what was a fallen banner on the pedestrian pathway. It was lying across its side, completely blocking off the path. It would have been so easy to pick it up.....it had only fallen but no.....amazingly I saw people lazily walk past AROUND IT. Would you believe? In the end my dad picked it up and propped it back on the sidewalk.

Then we had a fatal bus crash here in HK yesterday at Sai Kung. 15 elderly people...Read more

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Success and the Value of Commitment

Something I want to discuss with everyone today. Lately many things have been happening in my life (both good and bad) and I have been contemplating a number of topics including many issues about life and existence.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about commitment and the importance of commitment in our lives and I want to share my thoughts and insight with everyone.

With regards to commitment, everybody at some point in their lives, goes through a certain patch. Sometimes it could be good, sometimes it c...Read more

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Indian Food in HK!!

I went to a fantastic Indian restaurant here in Causeway Bay HK last night and the week before and had some brilliant tasty food! Probably one of the best Indian restaurants I've had in a long while....and I've had plenty when we used to live in London. We discovered this place last week and it was a surprise find. I haven't had one for nearly all year! It was so convenient for us where i...Read more

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Funny Jokes

Just reminiscing about some of my favourite jokes. Here's a few I heard many years ago:

A Boy Called F*ck You

Three kids are walking down the street, called Shit, Fck You and Manners. Fck You is a punky looking tall boy with spiky hair, Shit – a fat kid that loves eating all the time and Your Manners – a short and skinny, nice person. As they are walking down the street, Shit falls badly to the ground so Manners as a person that he is, stops and tries to help him up. He asks F*ck You to go home and runs round the corn...Read more

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World's Best Office

This must be the world's best office:

Read more

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World's First Robot Restaurant

I saw this news article this morning and couldn't resist to put it up >


Its the story about the world's first 'robotic' or automated restaurant. There are no waiters or waitresses to take your orders in the shop. Just a couple of LCD screens attached to a huge tube-like food conveyor system fitted throughout the building. You order the food by screen, pay for it electro...Read more

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The Philosophy of Bruce Lee

Lately I have been watching one of my all-time favourite movies.......Enter The Dragon with Bruce Lee. Now in Bluray high-definition format and Dolby 5.1 surround sound, the original film has been restored to its true glory. In the opening scenes of the movie one can see the towering and wonderful landscapes of HK circa 1973. It is certainly wonderful to see in the opening shots the kinds of street environments the likes of my parents would have been brought up in over a quarter of a century ago.

I had watched the movie wh...Read more

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I Love HK!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rNVpkf-ab0

I've been meaning to do this blog for awhile.......

In all honest truth I have to say, I really love HK! After having been here for over a year and a half I have to admit this is truly the best city in the world. There is nothing like it. I realised that HK is a place for people who really just wants to enjoy life. There is just so much to offer here. There is so much to eat, so much to see, so much to kno...Read more

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The Search for Love and Happiness

I saw this recently at HK International airport.

Lately for the past two weeks I'd been thinking a lot about my life, and what I wanted to do with it. Much of it was about love....who I may share it with one day (as I've not been in a relationship for a while now)......and the rest was about my career, family and friends. To be honest I was most concerned about my career...Read more

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No Sh#t!!!

Arrgghh!! The loo at work has not been working for the last two days. The flush mechanism just decided to stop working on Monday and we've had to resort to manually flush the loo with a bucket with water from the sink. Seems the top floors are all affected. We've spoken to the guardsmen downstairs and they've sent noone to check things out. We have an important partner company coming in to visit us tomorrow from the States to see our offices and dunno what to do. 

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