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Help Needed! Missing Person in HK/Asia

Hi Guys...Its not often I would have a request for you, but this request I feel is a really important subject for everyone....especially for the family of the person in question.Shopping with my mum in Causeway Bay recently, I came across a poster the other day of a person who was said to be sadly missing in Hong Kong. After searching online I discovered she was someone who went missing only very recently in HK. Named Ani Ashekian, she is a 30 year old Canadian tourist who came to HK on November 9th....and for some reason after the 10th (following day) after leaving the Chungking Mansions in TST, has not been seen since.She was meant to have come to China/HK before moving onto other parts of Asia like India, Vietnam and Cambodia. The last known whereabouts of her was when she was seen at Chungking Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui, a well-known backpacker's hostel in HK wearing a white shirt and a carrying a rucksack on November 10th. Someone on Facebook mentioned they think someone saw her talk to some Indian guy. On that same day had she used an ATM machine in Causeway Bay MTR Station and took out HK$2000 and HK$800 using her Visa card. Since taking her money out her accounts have not been touched since her disappearance and her passport record says she had not left Hong Kong after entering on the 9th. She was due to fly back to Toronto on the 15th this month, but she never boarded the plane....so all her friends and family at the moment are concerned for her safety....and we need your help to find/trace the whereabouts of this young lady.If you know of anyone, especially those who have travelled to Asia recently please pass this message on. She is described as about 1.6 metres tall, of normal build and weighs 54kg. She has a pointed face, white complexion and long curly brown hair. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of the missing woman or who may have seen her is urged to contact the Regional Missing Person Unit, Hong Kong Island, on (852) 2860-1045 or any police station.Websites on about Ani:www.kinzie.com/ani.htmFacebookwww.facebook.com/group.php?gid=54077259736YouTube-Hong Kong
hk.youtube.com/watch?v=jD1jXH0GKygGoogle Video
video.google.com/videoplay?docid=345116040184675121&ei=Jl5OSck1g_r5AcidkL0K&q=an+ashekian&hl=enYahoo Video
ca.video.yahoo.com/watch/4157165/11194499Hang Posters
Download, share, print and distribute MISSING poster
English version:www.kinzie.com/print/aniPOSTER.pChinese version: http://dl-client.getdropbox.com/u/65643/Ani%20-%20Chinese%20Version.pdfDonate
A trust fund has been set up to help the Ashekian Family pay for the cost of a private investigator in Hong Kong.To donate, visit any TD Canada Trust location and make a deposit to the fund : SOSSY ASHEKIAN - IN TRUSTContacts▪ Tel / SMS +852 9534 9531▪ FindAni@gmail.com

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
This report makes me very nervous. What was a White female Canadian tourist doing staying in Chungking Mansions if she was traveling alone? Surely she knew, as a woman traveling alone, this was not a safe place for her to stay, that she could be preyed upon by any number of males of different ethnic groups who saw she was traveling unaccompanied and might want to take advantage of that fact? It is very sad to see a solo female traveler being so naive and opening the way for something tragic to have happened to her. Life is risky enough without taking unnecessary risks. I hope she is located and no harm has come to her. But the odds of this being the case are not very good, and less so with each passing day. I have traveled alone on many occasions and women really must take precautions men need not take to protect themselves. Yes, it is sexist that this should be so, but men aren't as evolved they could be, so take precautions we must.
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Photo 29346
Woah, I hope she is found. I've heard about western girls going missing in Asia and end up working in brothels or found dead or not found at all, they just disappear. I really hope someone finds her
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Skinph55 c6 img 1924
She is already 30. Wonder if a 40 year old woman needs to be accompanied too when she travels.
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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Skinph55, no woman, of any age, should be staying in a place like Chungking Mansions alone. If you're a woman and traveling alone, you have to spend a bit more money to stay in places that are safer, or you have to stay with friends or friends of friends. Yeah its sexist, its unfair, but it is how the world is. Men are physically stronger than women (and they are very aware of that fact), for that reason there is always the threat that women will be preyed upon by men if they put themselves in situations where that sort of behavior is overlooked, or even condoned. There are plenty of men in this world who are unhappy with strong, independent women and who are just waiting to "teach us a lesson". Women travelers have to keep their eyes and ears open and be concerned with personal safety much more than male travelers. It sucks, but it is the reality.
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Photo 50023
Guys.....like you, I too am concerned for Ani...... Regarding Ani, I've tried to help the volunteer group who is searching for her briefly this past week. Consisting mostly Ani's family and friends, I actually went out last night on NYE on my own in CWB to pass and paste flyers around the streets. As I've told the group already, I have had to decline the work. Unfortunately I am too tied down at the moment to do anything. I have a new premise/office to move to this month, things to prepare and move, and sadly I had to turn the volunteering work down as I have obligations to my family too. Luckily due to the internet and the flexibility of technology, there has been some success with the search, albeit not the result everyone was expecting. The other day somebody walking with their girlfriend thought they saw a girl like Ani at Tsimshatsui begging for money between 6-7pm outside a bar. She had a cardboard on the floor which said something like 'Hello, my name is Ani. I am Canadian. I have no money, lost my passport and visa and I need to go home'. Going back home the witness searched online, found the Missing Ani page and checked it looked similar to Ani. So he went back to find her...but by then she was gone. So they decided to wait....for a whole day. Within a short while and with some level of perseverance and reluctance by the volunteers, they successfully tracked her down. But it was not Ani. It was a student named Emily who had her China visa refused and had somehow got stuck in HK. You don't realise but with technology we live in very lucky times...especially compared to ancient times like dynastic China where it takes years for information or wherabouts of people to filter through! With luck, we should be finding Ani anytime soon. The only question we are all now working out is....where is she now? That's probably the most crucial bit and it would be helpful if experienced travellers amongst us could shed some light on this. If anyone has any suggestions it would be of great help....and a potential HK$50,000 reward.
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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
I hope there is a break in this case soon.
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