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Funny Parrots

Hi guys,

It's been a long while since I posted on AnD so thought to drop by and say hi. A lot of stuff has been happening in my life for sure... 

Anyways before I divulge, just wanted to share with you all some really funny videos I found lately. I'm sure it'll keep all your spirits up! Enjoy! 

Cute Cockatiel Sings My Neighbour Totoro

Video: ht...Read more

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New 2013 everyone!!  I know it's been a long time since I've last blogged...so here I am! I'll also probably be dropping a few things about what I'm doing at the moment soon, so hope you guys have fun for now and I'll catch you all later!

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HK ArtFair 2011

Phew! What a busy week we've had! HK really is a city that never sleeps!

I'd just finished a very long tour of a HK International ArtFair yesterday (which was covering over 2 levels this year. With the attendance of thousands of special guests from the world over, I have to say I was very impressed with it this year.

Lots of Wor...Read more

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Property Issues

Been watching the news tonight about HK property. It seems that the prices in HK of late have been getting incredibly high in all places because of demand but also vast speculation also from mainlanders, who are asset-rich and simply just snapping up property wherever they can find it.

Whilst I understand that developers and owners like to make a living out of the HK property, the news I saw tonight on ATV was particularly incredibly interesting yet disturbing at the same time....

The news report had interviewed a young lady w...Read more

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Disappearing Car Door

I've seen inventions, but this has gotta be one really really ingenious idea.......a disappearing car door! Check out the following video for more :)Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAtkoje4-eM

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Help Needed! Missing Person in HK/Asia

Hi Guys...Its not often I would have a request for you, but this request I feel is a really important subject for everyone....especially for the family of the person in question.Shopping with my mum in Causeway Bay recently, I came across a poster the other day of a person who was said to be sadly missing in Hong Kong. After searching online I discovered she was someone who went missing only very recently in HK. Named Ani Ashekian, she is a 30 year old Canadian tourist who came to HK on November 9th....and for some reas...Read more

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Beautiful Smile

I've just been for lunch, and couldn't help but want to blog about this.

Earlier this afternoon I was going over to a local restaurant for a spot of Dim Sum with my mother when I passed by the street, and saw this young girl (late teens) in a white and yellow dress. As she walked past us she had this really sweet and innocent smile, like as if she really couldn't care anything less about the world around her. The smile (which caught me by surprise), was so blissful and infectious I feel I have been affected too. I can'...Read more

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Brazilian Tribe Found?

I've just logged onto the Beeb today and discovered what seems to be an amazing story.....for the 21st century!

The Brazilian government says it has proof of a previous uncontacted indigenious tribe in the Amazon forest. The Amazon is home to half of the worlds 100 indigenous tribes and this one was amazing....it had never seen a plane before! Brandishing bows and arrows the tribal warriors had them pointed towards the aeroplane who was taking photos of them!

Take a look > Read more

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10,000 Hits!

Woohoo my profile has now reached over 10,000 hits....with Jontse being the guest of honour. Lets hope I can catch up to Etchy's level without having to resort to sex or scandals for content. ;))

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Buddha Still Standing

This is amazing story of what happened with the recent hurricane in Burma.

Despite a Buddhist pagoda being near flattened, the clay statue they had of Buddha was still standing with minor damage. A coincidence perhaps? But funny yes?


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