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viva la break fall

hi all

I was offline for the weekend so I have a little catching up, hopefully I will get to your blogs soon!!

I stayed at the backpackers Friday and Saturday night and on Saturday night was going back to the house I was saying in and tripped down some brick steps, I remember thinking 'oh shit' (actually I said this out loud as someone heard me) and thinking that I didn't want to hurt my head or back and even though it has been 18 months since I have done kung fu with any regularity (don't ask) the foward br...Read more

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It's an emergency

D'in, where are you?  Help!  I need a haircut, I'm starting to look like........

 Luke Skywalker...



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spiral perms and mullets

howzit folks?

well I'm still job hunting and because the kind of work I want takes time to find I have an appointment for a supermarket - haha checkout chick Jaine, actually it's in the Deli and I have a job offer in the hospital kitchen.   I don't mind working these jobs till I find something more suitable - I have to eat!!   My accomodation is taken care of - I have been staying with a friend (and stayed with other friends too, to share the burden of me )   On Thursda...Read more

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home weirdness

It's great to be home but it feels a little weird, of course it's cold and wet and its been really stormy so lots of trees have come down.  The town feels a little depressed but I have had a great time catching up with friends and indulging in food I missed.

Fish'n'chips on the beach (Mission Bay) with my mum.  I really missed F&C on the beach.

It was really REALLY goo...Read more

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Kiwi in Hong Kong

well on Tuesday I left my apartment and went into Busan, I finally braved the bath house and went to Hirsimchung in Busan which is hugh (apparently, I have no frame of reference).  I must say it was great.  I wondered round a bit and took the couch at a full backpackers.  I must recommend Blue Backpackers for visiters to Pusan.

Wednesday, early I left and came home via HK where I only had a few hours.  I had a lovely lunch with Boon, Mark and Ivy - thanks guys for coming!!!

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Kiwi in Korea 17 - I hate goodbyes

well, as you know I have resigned but what I haven't told you is that the High School have allowed me to predate my resignation letter so I can return to NZ sooner.  They understand I am returning for parental reasons.   So I leave on Wednesday, will be in NZ by Thursday and hopefully Nelson by Friday or Saturday.  Eeek it's all happening so fast.

My internet has been disconnected so I have to sneak into the English Room to use it so please forgive me if I'm slow at reading blogs, commenting and replying...Read more

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Kiwi in Korea 16 - the unblogged stuff

yeah all the little random bits that I haven't spoken of, or spoken much about - you know stuff like.....

Squat toilets - somehow K only used one once and that was in her last weekend here in Korea, she wasn't impressed.  Whereas I feel differently.  I must have a weaker bladder than her (and used more public toilets) and of course I teach at schools with only squat toilets.   Somewhere between 6-8 weeks into my stay here we were in Busan and I went to the toilet in this lovely little organic soy ice cre...Read more

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being schmucky

Yep that's right I am total schmuck.  I gave my notice today at the High School and I feel totally sick about it (but not as sick as I would feel if  I didn't when I know when I needed to be home being a mother).

Why am I a schmuck - coz I pretty much burst into tears.  Yip being the staunch stoic type that I am choke, gag, cough.

So in 5 weeks I should be home (30 days notice, a few days travel and maybe (if I can squeeze it in) a couple of days in HK).  Part of me feels relieved while another part feels sad.<...Read more

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Kiwi in Korea 15 - Graffiti, coke and dvd players

Howdy all

It's Summer Camp and so I though I would share one of my High School summer class projects.   The back wall of the English room is seriously boring so I thought some Graffiti art would cheer it up and that it might be something the students would enjoy doing.

 one prior teacher did try with these ...Read more

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Kiwi in Korea 14 - lost on Geumjeongsan

I went tramping (that's hiking if you don't know) yesterday.  I headed for Geumjeongsan (san is mountain) which is in Busan and according to the Lonely Planet, some of the best tramping in Busan.   It was overcast and when I was on the tops it was cloudy but I really liked it.   I had intended to go to a bath house after for a good soak but I took an adventurous route, got disorientated and ended up being a couple of hours longer that intended.

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