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one word

it's doing the rounds so here goes...









1.  Where is your cell phone? handbag

2.  Where is your significant other? none

3.  Your hair? short

4.  Your mother? here

5.  Your father?  golf

6.  Your favorite thing? books

7.  Your dream last night? forget

8.  Your favorite drink? water

9.  Your dream/goal? creativity

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I'm home

Yay, I moved into my home last week; double yay, and have been getting my stuff out of storage.

Feels great.  My mum and a friend are staying and we are all working on her cottage so it should be ship shape in no time.  I spent the day striping paint of a door (and painting etc) with a heat gun.  Heat guns are great.

Still nothing on the job front sigh but I haven't really had time to look.

I hope you are all well

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Let's go to bed

I was going call my blog, I need a bed but the Cure song kept popping into my head.  I do need a bed and I have been looking on trademe (NZ's equivalent to ebay) and also this one bed in the uk (yes sometimes I like to be decadent and I am getting a little extra on my mortgage so if I want to be extravagent and buy a bed from the other side of the world I can, it will do wonders for my carbon foot print )

Opinions please:

I quite like oak and this would work in my new old ho...Read more

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neglectful friend

yes that's me, sorry folks - despite my mobile broadband I have been awol for awhile...

Last Saturday K and I hitch hiked to Christchurch, I wanted to see my grandfather and K was staying with a friend and her brother (who is the tattooist and he wouldn't tattoo K btw as he said she was too young, hehe but I'm not the bad guy).   I was gonna take the bus but I couldn't face the length of time, I would rather stand at the side of the road than sit in a bus.  Anyhuu we had some interesting rides, the first was a kiwi g...Read more

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The Ominivores Hundred from Peachey

The rules: PREFIX = O /

Like Flagday, I have somethings to say so what's in the brackets is mine, like others I don't know what a lot of it is and found it a bit American - not all of us know automatically that PB & J is peanut butter and jelly and some of us call it jam.  Don't even get me started on calling Devonshire tea clotted cream tea, that makes it sound as if clotted cream is in the tea (ewwww). 

With that in mind, here goes with regards to :1. Venison

    <...Read more
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marrying the devil

I had the strangest dream the other night....

I dreamt that the dude who played Greg in Dharma and Greg was the devil and I was his maid  he was kind to me though and I fancied him  and we were going to get married Read more

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.......... mobile broadband WOOT

yep I've been offline for nearly two weeks now, man I was having terrible withdrawls.  I have been staying in my mum's cottage getting it ready for new tenants.  The cottage was hit by a drunk driver and it took out the front of it (this happened when I was in Korea).  Thankfully insurance covered (expensive 21st for the driver) all the repairs. 

I have been ripping up carpet and painting (the undamaged bits) and cleaning etc

Of course there is no phone or internet here but as of today I have mobile b...Read more

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liberal parenting and tattoos

this is my third blog in three days, woohoo I'm on a roll 

For better or for worse I am a liberal parent, I was raised by a liberal parent and have become a liberal parent.  I'm not always sure this is a good thing but it's too late now....

My daughter who is only 15 has asked to go away for the weekend with her friends and I have said yes (after ascertaining where they are staying and the mode of transport (the bus))...   but they are staying with a tatto...Read more

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graphic adverts

when I was staying at the Palace backpackers, a number of the travellers there commented how graphic our (NZ's) drinking and road safety ads were. 

Here are two current ads, the first one is alcohol and I must admit I find it unsettling:

Video: http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=E2ytIBSIy0U The second is road safety and it is creepy:

Video: http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=jRDXG5IlP-...Read more

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the mortgage dance

hope you all had a good weekend and a jolly good Mid Autumn Mooncake Festival.

My mum came down and we put an offer on a house together...  woohoo, it has been accepted but it is not yet uncondtional.   It is an old Victorian house with lot of rotten bits but it has a lovely feel and will scrub up nicely.

I still want to travel etc but it feels nice to have base to always come back to and I will no longer be paying someone elses mortgage with my rent.  Nobody reallys wants to dance the mortgage dance but paying rent is mone...Read more

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