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love em or hate em we all have them (cept for me)

There is nothing worse than watching a film or a programme on the telly and having your accent murdered....  the worst Kiwi accent on film was done by an Australian actor (Peter Archer) in "Enter the Dragon".  Seriously I cringe at the accent when I watch this...



this is how a Kiwi accent actua...Read more

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sweet sixteen

sometime ago I blogged I was letting my girl get a tattoo, well it appears that person wouldn't do it because the law here is 16 (she was 15 then), some councils have bylaws which state 18 and many tattoo parlours adhere to a code of ethics where they won't tattoo anyone under 18 without parental permission.  So she had to wait.  Well a few weeks ago she turned 16, the tattoo parlour wouldn't unless she brought me down to speak to them (all good) and yesterday she got her tattoo...

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I'mmmmm BACK!!!! did you miss me ^_~

well I missed you all a great deal!  I see some changes have ocurred - I'll have to get my credit card debt down (damn Xmas) and buy a flame membership so I can get the year of the ox profile skin - me like very much.  I also see ads, not that I have any issues with that. 

this week I have finished working on my mum's property, she returned home last week and now we can both get our lives back - WOOT WOOT

I still haven't found work - had lots ...Read more

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Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale - EFTPOS

EFTPOS - do you have eftpos in your country?

it is not a smart card loaded with funds for a particular service (like transport) nor is it a credit card, it is your bank card - the same as you use at an ATM machine - but it can be swiped in the same manner as a credit card at any store/service provider that has the eftpos facility.

In NZ we love eftpos, we are very nearly a cashless society.  In Korea it drove me nuts, the first time I handed over my bank card, they swiped it and handed it ba...Read more

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best inventions

here's my homework as set my Jane  (not in any order)

 weed eaters (line trimmers or whatever you call them.        ...Read more

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alas, I cannot sum up our recent elections better the Australian Herald Sun described our election result.

  "This wasn't about desperately needed change, as in the US, but change for change's sake. New Zealanders just got bored." True! " They might well come to miss Helen Clark, the woman who gave them nine years of relative economic and social stability (steady growth and improved family benefits), and who made her small nation's voice heard (no to invading Iraq, yes to tackling climate cha...Read more

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Yes we can!!

Was anybody else reminded of Bob the Builder during Obama's victory speech....

don't get me wrong, I am so happy he won and his victory speech brought tears to my eyes but afterwards Bob the Builder popped into my head!!  Many Americans in NZ have since reported that they now feel proud and no longer have to pretend to be Canadian (it would seem Sarah Silverman was close to the bone in her humour).


W...Read more

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Melbourne Cup

As millions of Americans are getting up and hopefully going to vote (if they haven't already), Kiwis and Aussies watched the Melbourne Cup.  WTH is that well....

The Melbourne Cup is Australia's major annual thoroughbred horse race. Billed as , it is for three-year-olds and over, and covers a distance of 3,200 metres. It is generally regarded as the most prestigious "two...Read more

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halloween, indoor cricket, elections and flying pubic hair

hows that for a title

Happy Halloween everyone I hope you have fun whatever you do.  I am all set, I have my candy and my girl has gone to a party up the road.  Last year I bought candy too and nobody came  - it was the first year I was prepared (Halloween is not traditional in NZ), in prior years I have had nothing and often pretended nobody was home .   This year I'm ready.

It is the Indoor ...Read more

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automatically playing videos or music

is really frigging annoying

Personally I like to have a choice in what I watch and listen too and don't appreciate that choice being taken from me everytime I check myfeeds.

Also it interferes with other music/videos that I might wish to watch or listen to in myfeeds.  I have to scroll up or down and turn the damn thing off and then scroll back to the blog I am in - gah. 

It plays everytime I navigate back to myfeeds after leaving someone a comment...Read more

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"Under the sky, under the heaven, there is but one family" - Bruce Lee please fan me only I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know

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