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Zombie Strippers

it's been one of those weeks folks - busy

I managed to have my first interview today - the first time I have had an interview in 6 months(since I started job hunting)!!  It is for a Case Manager at Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ).  WINZ is the agency that deals with welfare payments to the unemployed, invalids, pensioners, single parents etc..   This is ironic as I am currently getting single parent welfare at the moment.  bleh (I would much rather work).  I think the interview went okay, I answered all the questions alright, ...Read more

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self regulation and Korean Dramas

Self regulation - I have none, not when it comes to AnD, playing Ratchett & Clank, Facebook (a whole heap of old school and varsity friends are on there now), reading and now Korean Dramas.  

NZ tv is crap at the moment so I have finally started on my big list of Korean Dramas that I would like to watch.  I started with Full House, because it has been recommended to me by Butter and Enigma and because it is on mysoju.com and because - let's face it - Rain is very VERY nice to look at.

So I watched the...Read more

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Pete Sweet (The Mighty Boosh)

K and I have been watching the Mighty Boosh with Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt.   This little gem was an extra on the dvd of the 2nd season.   It is funny but a bit rude (simulated sex scenes with an imaginary person, - you don't see any naughty bits ) so viewer discretion is advised.  Noel is quite sexy, in that skinny, too much eyeliner, cheeky, British way, you will appreciate this more if you have watched The Mighty Boosh.

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happy dance it's the weekend

actually I have a cold and a fever so had to cancel a trip (for a self defence hui) to Wellington this weekend.   Never mind there is one in September I will go to. yay

Today is my mum's 60th Birthday, she is in Sydney for the weekend as a birthday treat from another sister.   Happy Birthday mum

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warning seriously gratuitous self obsessed hair blog follows

I have been asked for a hair update (Peachey you are so sweet), so I thought I would do I recap blog - when I first shaved it Gina thought I should take a photo regularly so I could track the changes.  I tried to do it weekly but after a few weeks felt like a really vain tool so stopped....

My hair was fairly straight though sometimes it kinked like it wanted to be curly....

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Indubitably Pisces

Okay horoscopes are not really my thing, but I just felt like sharing a piscean blog with my sister and brother pisceans out there (and of course anybody else who may or may not be interested) for today is a glorious celebration of the day of my birth

Mythology - the story of Read more

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Dangermouse - the coolest cartoon hero ever

Introducing the coolest cartoon hero ever, even cooler than Atom Ant and Scooby Doo (which is REALLY saying something, I love Scooby Doo).  

 Dangermouse, is very 80s, one of the villians, if you are not familar with the cartoon is a big green toad called Greenback (and yes he had an American accent, which made a change from the German accents UK baddies used to have - and the Russian accents American baddies used to have  ).   I don't remember the other vill...Read more

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taking dingbat to a whole new level

yep that's me, I went to pick my daughter up from a friends house earlier and got to the car and realised I had put a black sandal on my left foot and a kung fu shoe on my right foot.   Whaaaa?  I have to say this is the first time I have ever not noticed putting on different shoes (with an inch height difference). 

My daughters braces came off yesterday, whoopie dee shoot!! 

I have blacked out my profile pic temporarily to protest against the law ' Read more

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Your favourite cocktail

This blog has been inspired by enigma306 - she has just posted blogs on skittle infused vodka and on a creamy chocolate liquor.  Sometimes creamy liquors make me queasy and other times I just love them.  So I thought I would share on of my favourite cocktails -



*30 ml of Frangelico® haz...Read more

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Happy Valentine's Day from the edge of all things

wishing everybody a very Happy Valentine's Day

hope you all enjoy the day whether you plan to do anything special for it or not

 (I found this on flicker - I didn't take it, I thought the person took a good shot)


oh a while back a handwriting thing went round so I thought I would ...Read more

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