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Insurance Santa

Merry Christmas everyone

sorry I've been away - some weeks ago someone dropped the laptop (though none of the teens in my home seem to know anything about it  ) and then a few weeks ago it gave up the ghost.  I wasn't expecting insurance to cover it but they did - yay!!   I have finally uploaded all my old data onto and it's ready to go again.  woohoo

I hope you all have a very merry christmas and a fabulous new year =)

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parenting teens + red wine = sanity

seriously if my daughter was anymore negative she would demateralise

but a glass of nice Pinot Noir and some chocolate santas makes it all better


I feel weird wishing everybody Happy Thanksgiving, coz a) we don't celebrate it here and b) it may have been great for the settlers but it lead to lots of misery for others...... 

As the parent of an indige...Read more

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I was watching the House on the small cubes, as blogged by enigma306 - this is an awesome short animation in two parts well worth watching...

it is beautifully told and rather sad, my daughter and I then watched Oktapodi and totally cheered up, I hope you enjoy this as much as we did

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=badHUNl2HXU

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actors playing ethnicities other than their own

for the purposes of this blog I define ethnicity specifically, eg, Korean as opposed to Asian, New Zealander as opposed to Caucasian (as a side note, I did not grow up with the word Caucasian, I tend it associate the word with white Americans coz I only ever heard it on American tv/movies, in NZ generally the terms New Zealand European or Pakeha are used, personally I prefer Pakeha but that is a whole other blog).

When I came through Hong Kong last year and met up with the AnD crew (such an awesome bunc...Read more

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Danger Mouse vs Trans Tasman Rivalry

I was perusing my old blogs and found that my Dangermouse - the coolest cartoon hero ever  blog has received 2115 views, this greatly suprised me - though it shouldn't have, Danger Mouse really is the coolest cartoon EVER in the history of the universe and he has some stiff competition.

This was followed by my Trans Tasman Rivalry blog...Read more

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halloween, rugby and Kiritani Kenta

Hope you all had (or are having ) a great Halloween

I bought some lollies but only a couple of kids came by, if I had known it was only going to be those two I would have been more generous in my handouts.  Halloween is not traditional here so the neighbourhood is not filled with scores of kids dressed up.  Often parents take kids to organised events as they are perceived (perhaps rightly) as being safer.   So if anybody has a hankering for Fruit bursts or Mackintosh lollies come on over to my place.... Read more

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missed you all

Hi folks

sorry I have been awol for so long, being a AnDholic was interfering with my job searching and I thought I would not come on until I had found full time work, well I still haven't found full time work but I am working part time in a bookshop - which I totally love

I hope everyone has been well, I have missed you all very much!  I don't have much other news - my daughter is learning the accordian, I am learning the bodhran (Irish drum) and penny whistle.  I tell ya, ...Read more

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yodelling lesbian twins - Topp comedy act

The Topp Twins are a New Zealand much loved musical - comedy duo, they have been round for a long time, well before Flight of the Conchords.   Jools and Lynda Topp have been performing for NZ audiences for 30 years, both on the road and on the telly.   Now they have put out a film/documentary Topp Twins; Untouchable Girls and I'm off to see it tonight.  I'm really excited.

This from a recent review: (the brackets are my explanations)

Paul Horan, a well respected comedy writer...Read more

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tears to my eyes - Susan Boyle

Anyone remember Roger Fan blogging about Paul Potts on Britain's Got Talent, well although it brought a smile to my face it did not bring tears to my eyes.  This however....

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY I love how she remains positive in the face of the audience's obvious cycnism and then WOW!

it appears all of the clips of youtube of this have had embedding disabled by request, I can recommend following the li...Read more

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hey folks, hope you all had a great Easter, I did

got into the garden, it is now Autumn and I want to get a few things planted (mainly ground covers) while the earth is still warm (I have yet to purchase them, I'm just clearing space).   Also a retaining wall over my path is close to collasping so I have to clear the shrubs and dig it out and re-do it.  Gah to the useless sod who put it in in the first place.

I had some visitors doing the garden though Read more

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&quot;Under the sky, under the heaven, there is but one family&quot; - Bruce Lee please fan me only I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know

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