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So cool - thanks Butter for starting this



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Christchurch and my Grandy

As most of you know I went to Christchurch for the weekend just past.  I got a ride from my Dad and his wife and the purpose of the trip was my neices 2nd birthday, I stayed with my Grandfather when I was there (my mothers father), my neice is my brother's daughter and we have different mothers so there is no relation between my Grandfather and my brother/neice. Got that

I loved catching up with Grandy.  He is 84 and in good health, here he is reading the paper:

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sign language

the NZ sign alphabet is the same two handed one used in Australia and Britain, American sign  alphabet is one handed.  Apparently NZ has 62% in common with British sl and only 33% in common with American sl.

Wendy asked for some photos so here is her name

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just briefly

Started learning NZ sign language last night.  I'm doing a ten week course.  NZ sign language, English and Maori are the 3 official languages of NZ and I would like to be proficient at all of them.

I'm also learning Mandarin but finding that quite hard.  NZ sign language is similar to the sign language used in Australia and England but apparently quite different to American sign language, the tutor didn't know how similar/different it was to other countries, eg China.

Damn, it would be great if sign language was unive...Read more

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Life coach and stuff

Well I went to see the life coach on Wednesday.  It was good.  I am so over having jobs that don't pay my bills.

We do this exercise where you have to imagine what you want to be doing in your life right at this moment if money, family etc was not an obstacle.  This becomes your goal, though you can do minor edits to it.

So what is my goal, well it is to have a base in Nelson - coz really I love it here,  my parents moved alot as a kid (before I turned 12 I had been to 10 different schools).  Then I did my secondary s...Read more

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Married in socks and sandals

I have just got back (yesterday) from my sister's (sister #3) wedding and 30th birthday.  It was nice to go away but it is really nice to be home.  I am slowly working my way though my feeds to catch up on all the blogs I missed.  It was really nice come home to comments and comments asking where my blogs where - thanks dragontattoo and huisy ^^

On Thursday I flew up to Auckland and was picked up by my darling mum, and her good friend and we drove Thames where we were taken up to a DOC hut by helicopter.  Some people ...Read more

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Saddam Hussein killed all the Mandelas

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1KGwQ1O88Y um , why is this man the President of a country?  Never mind the fact it's a powerful country, the fact that he is the 'leader' of any nation staggers belief ...

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There are many types of adventures.   Adventure doesn't have to be climbing rugged mountains in Nepal or rafting down the Amazon.  You can have an adventure going to the dairy (local shop) for milk.  I thought I would share some of my adventures with you:

Malta - when I was 18 (1988) and in my first year at university (college) I took out two bank overdrafts ($500 each), borrowed $500 from another friend and $1000 from my room mate (she had only known me a month!) and went to Malta for a holiday to see a school friend...Read more

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The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

Anybody familar with this story - where the cat in the hat comes back and eats cake with pinkicing in the bath and creates a pink ring.  The more the cat tries to clean it up the more he spreads the pink until everything is pink .....

Well tonight my daughter has been painting - Yay  great , I'm all for that and I don't mind her making a mess.  When I was 16 a friend gave me a mug that said " A creative mind is rarely tidy " and er, I like things clean but I can be u...Read more

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To DOC or not to DOC

Some of you know that I work for the Department of Conservation (DOC).  Like butter and dragontattoo  I have issues where I work and am looking at moving on.

First I will tell you a little about DOC, I love working there as conservation is one of my passions.  DOC is basically the Government Department (yep I am government mule) c...Read more

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"Under the sky, under the heaven, there is but one family" - Bruce Lee please fan me only I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know

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