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the week in review

Monday - Tainui Taranaki ki Tonga signed a Treaty Settlement and received an apology from the Crown (this is settling historic greivances between the Govt and some indigenous tribes in my area).  So I went down to the Marae to help in the kitchen.  I love helping out preparing food on the Marae.  It is a great way to get to know people and to be of use.

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Bic and Boh Runga

In the honour of learning about great new talent on AnD I thought I would share two of NZ singer/songwriters with you.  Bic and Boh Runga are sisters (there is a third sister Pearl who is in bands too but I don't know so much about her) and are of Chinese and Maori descent.  

From Wikipedia (it sums things so much better than I could):

Briolette Kah Bic Runga MNZM (born Read more

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Groupies, Fans and typical teenagers

You know the old shakespeare adage about a rose being called by another name, would smell just as sweet - well mostly that is true but sometimes a word can be tainted by association or perception.

As some of you know MindyG and Naomi are setting up the Filthy Sisters - a rock duo consisting of them.     They have been looking for groupies.     Now I can be a fan of some...Read more

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Canada and NZ


In response to  AsianChick100 's blog about Canada, here is NZs take on Canada. 

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw-ld46FIuo

FYI : tangata whenua - indigenous people, pakeha - white folk


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Last week I put in for a job and have not heard back so I guess it's not looking good    and the rejection letter will be in the mail shortly.   I do like the people at the Department I work for (yes I am a public servant) which I basically got because I used to work at Parliament - in the Select Committee Office.  The Select Committee is the part of the legislative process where public consultation happens.  Of course this is the NZ system, we only have one house - the House of Representatives, not lik...Read more

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what's in a name?

Okay I'm about to share a shameful secret

  • I like to watch Amercia's Next Top Model , I know it is dreadful and thankfully I missed the dead body episode or I would have been steaming mad   , but even this die hard feminist has her weak spots.  Anyway tonight (NZ is behind in the series), the models were asked to create a new name for themselves.  Two kept their own names which were...Read more
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Maniac Monday, Tumultous Tuesday and Movember

Hi all, well my week to date has been rather a comedy of errors.  Though I have managed to stay on top of myfeeds - isn't it good I have my priorities sorted;p

Monday I got home from work to finish a cv and job application for a position that was closing date for applications was 4pm that day.  I came home to a message from a school that I was supposed to be teaching at - doh, I thought it was Tuesday GAH.  Then I had a call from my deaf tutor as I was missing a private make up lesson with her, I had ...Read more

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hair, Proms, Balls and NZ movies

UPDATE on the fundraiser, well I have been contacted by a woman who will be organising this years event in my town.  She is a little freaked out because she has never organised anything like this before.  I haven't either but I said I would help if she wanted/needed it.  So I just have to wait for her to a bit and then I should be able to set up my fund raising website. ****

It was interesting reading all the responses to Peachey's blog questions.  Shorty and I noticed a lot of you didn't go to your Prom. ...Read more

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Peacheys survey part II

This is a continuation of yesterday's blog of the first 10 questions to a set of 20.11. Do you leave messages on people's answering machines? Usually, that's what they are for.

  1. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach? Probably as a teen or a kid.

  2. Any plans for Friday night? Kung fu and meeting for tea/coffee/drinks at a pub where every fortnight the deaf community get together.

  3. Do you like what the ocean does to your hair? I don't mind, I wash it afte...Read more

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Wonder Leia - woot

Was just reading jw6h's blog on fun things to do on the internet

I thought I would try the which female action hero are you quiz - results:

It's a tie!

You are part Wonder Woman. You have a powerful and strong personality, and you use your per...Read more

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