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woot woot

My dad got his scan results today - everything is okay (well relatively), the cancer hasn't spread.  The operation to remove it is on the 5th of Feb so it will be out very soon.

I am so relieved - thanks everybody for your kind words and support, I really appreciate it.  Big Hugs for everyone.  AnD is the BEST!

I have started walking to work and I take my camera - here is the great metropolis of Nelson :

its a tough walk to work but someone has to do it Read more

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16 years ago today

16 years ago today I was fairly tired, you see after a 42 hour home-birth labour (actually it was only the last 8 hours that I really minded!) - I had my beautiful (I embrace my bias) baby girl - Kahurangi. 

Today is her 15th birthday.  We went shopping at our favourite second hand clothes shop, went to the movies, I am Legend (I enjoyed it but I'm such a coward I had to hide in Kahurangi's shoulder at anything remotely scary), and chilled out, she is currently watching her gift from me - the complete series of Cowboy Bebop...Read more

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Congratulations to the two Australian kayakers - James Castrission and Justin Jones - who paddled into New Plymouth early this afternoon; they are the first two people to paddle across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand.  (although when I was at high school, one NZ foreign exhange students who went to America had her class convinced that she lived in a mud hut and paddled to Australia inorder to fly to the US     )

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RIP Sir Edmond Hillary

geez I'm behind in myfeeds and in replying to my comments - sorry folks, bear with me, I'll get there, I've just had a busy few days.

I just wanted to blog my respects, to Sir Edmond Hillary who passed away this morning.  I actually feel quite upset as he is one of my heros.   I think his passing has international coverage but just in case you don't know who Sir Ed is... this is from the New York Times:

" Sir Edmund Hillary, the lanky New Zealand mountaineer and ex...Read more

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The Shark Who Ate the World

okay my blog is not really about sharks, although Jaws was on the other night and I watched it and now, when I night swim , it plays on my mind DOH.   Its so dated and unrealistic but I guess that is the power of film.

My blog really should be entitled Ethics 101 as I have an interesting question to put to you all. 

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driving = independance

oh dear, I was reading through myfeeds earlier today when I heard a loud (really loud) crash/bang and looked out the door (open ranch slider) to see my neighbours car being shunted down the road.

This 92 year old man had not seen my neighbours car parked on the side of the road and drifted (not in the Fast & Furious sense) into it.  Thankfully my neighbours were not in it at the time.   The gentleman got out of the car to see check the situation etc, by...Read more

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Space Cadet

Some time ago W-Bird proclaimed herself a Space Cadet and I confessed that I was a member of that Cadetship   I have recent proof too - I promised photos of my New Years Eve and then promptly forgot my camera DOH   I did take some photos with my phone.

It was a fun bbq and even the plate I took (stuffed aubergine) worked out well - to my relief given I didn't have all the in...Read more

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Happy New Year to everyone at AnD

I'm sure I'm getting OSS from typing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year over and over and over  Good thing it only happens once a year (well Xmas anyway ).

How was 2007 for you?

1.) Where did you begin 2007?

Nelson, NZ =)

2.) Did you change jobs or study?

Tried to, will do in 2008

3.) Gotten in an argument with a stranger? Not in 20074.) Done someth...Read more

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For Rosie

For Rosie


I am not poetic

         my clumsy words do not define

  what I want to say

    where is your justice

       your salvation

             your healing

how easy for him to destroy your soul

how easy for her to let him

       you nearly made it my friend

             and now

                      and now


do the walls that surround you bring you comfort

    do they keep the memories out

I cry for...Read more

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the value of manners

Well the silly season is well and truly upon us, apart from depressing world news which I wont recount, I have just witnessed people doing inconsiderate and dangerous things over the last few days.   Who would try and ram a camper van with your family in vehicle, even if it is a SUV (WTF), who smashes glass bottles on a beach where small children play barefoot (and yes I cleaned up the glass when I found it).  Why do normal people do such things?

I do a bit of online trading on trademe Read more

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