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yodelling lesbian twins - Topp comedy act

The Topp Twins are a New Zealand much loved musical - comedy duo, they have been round for a long time, well before Flight of the Conchords.   Jools and Lynda Topp have been performing for NZ audiences for 30 years, both on the road and on the telly.   Now they have put out a film/documentary Topp Twins; Untouchable Girls and I'm off to see it tonight.  I'm really excited.

This from a recent review: (the brackets are my explanations)

Paul Horan, a well respected comedy writer, says in the documentary that “On paper, they (the Topp Twins) shouldn’t work. On paper, they should be commercial death. But they totally deliver to the audience. Time and time again”. And deliver they do. Through interviews with both prominent New Zealanders such as John Clarke (classic NZ comedian now based in Australia)  and the colourful characters conceived by the Topp Twins, the documentary explores the many displays of political anarchism that the Topp Twins have been involved with over the past few decades. From Bastion Point (Indigenous land rights) to Nuclear Free New Zealand and the Springbok tour (apartheid vs rugby)  of 1981 to the Homosexual Law Reforms of the late 80s, the Topp Twins have been an integral part of bringing all these issues into the New Zealand publics’ consciousness.  You would expect that a documentary that covers so many controversial periods in New Zealand’s recent history would be quite arduous to watch, but nothing could be further from the truth.



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oh... sounds / looks interesting... have a great time tonight...
almost 12 years ago
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so how did it go? did u have fun??
almost 12 years ago
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Interesting duo.
almost 12 years ago
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Did you like it?
almost 12 years ago
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So, they're really twins? innarestin
almost 12 years ago
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Have a BLAST, Jaine ~ looks to be awesome funny :D
almost 12 years ago
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I hope you enjoyed it. They're doing their part to entertain and promote social awareness. Pretty inspiring.
almost 12 years ago
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interesting stuff.
almost 12 years ago
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Looks like a fun movie. Seems like much of the humor translates culturally.
almost 12 years ago


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