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alas, I cannot sum up our recent elections better the Australian Herald Sun described our election result.

  "This wasn't about desperately needed change, as in the US, but change for change's sake. New Zealanders just got bored." True! " They might well come to miss Helen Clark, the woman who gave them nine years of relative economic and social stability (steady growth and improved family benefits), and who made her small nation's voice heard (no to invading Iraq, yes to tackling climate change) on the international stage."

Anyhu I wont rant on and bore you with NZ politics.  Though the Bill and Ben party got over 10,000 votes.  woot (unfortunately thats only half a percent and not enough to get the thousand grand back for registering) (and no I did not vote for them)


so far none of those other choices have worked out, this is the current one I am considering:

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Photo 28042
I think that's what happened in 2000 with us. A lot of people had Clinton fatigue, and they just couldn't face 4 more years of anything to do with him. Sad really, to choose Bush over Gore. But Gore is a boring guy. And an authority on climate change....why would you want him? And people think their vote is not important. Where would we be today....? That bed's nice. Simple. You can paint the painted part whatever color you like. Is it an antique one? Looks like the brass part will need some polishing and that is a pain in the ass. I always see it on TV but I think it could be done fairly easily. Why not make a headboard using plywood, batting, fabric, ribbons....whatever? Then when the mood strikes you, you can change the fabric.
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Photo 96013
cute color^^ and...in my country too,we're going to have a election soon I guess...not sure for the dates but it will soon.I hope its gonna be better but seems...can't have so much good difference anyways.not many choice but we have to make a decision:P
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Well...they practically got rid of Helen Clark for the same reason we got rid of John Howard (not necessarily the best decision, and an even shittier reason)...and I hate our new Govt. people stupidly got rid of the best thing that ever happened to this country for a stupid reason like change or John Howard is too old. Time for a change is the same reason we had Gough Whitlam...and that was a disaster...*sigh* I'm just glad that America got someone decent...I just hope that Krudd doesn't piss him off like past Labour tools have done to American Presidents and other World Leaders!!!
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Photo 23799
this is nice. very relaxing colour... ;) re: election. change isn't a bad thing. =)
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Photo 29346
Asian Chick, change for the wrong reason is a bad thing
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Photo 16256
My girl has a similar frame. In black.
about 12 years ago
Photo 23902
the Periwinkle Post! It's a find!
about 12 years ago
Photo 5614
not bad at all... =) hehee... hope you get a bed frame soon... haha...
about 12 years ago
Jrs 8c 1405439596528
Politics....weird stuff! That bed looks really great!
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Photo 23902
Helen Clarke sounds really cool... I don't know who the current elect is
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Photo 42904
Will the Japanese government change at last?  actually nationwide election has postponed for current financial crisis... BTW i like that bed. nice color and design : )
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Photo 1967
thousand grand... sounds expensive!
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Photo 911
i'm not into politics... they are boring.. lol
about 12 years ago
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im not into politics too the bed look so comforty!
about 12 years ago
Photo 34078
Change for the sake of being bored - that's kind of silly when it comes to who will be running your country. That bed looks rather comfy. Are you sleeping on the floor for the time being?
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Photo 31055
That sound bad....politic is so predictable these days :-( I like the sheet too, cheeful. The frame will make the room look spacious for sure. But then again, did you see picture of my bed? What do I know right? I like it, are you getting it soon?
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Photo 43083
I don't care for the metal headboard, but the blue bedding is nice! :)
about 12 years ago
Photo 35692
So who actually won, and do you think they'll do poorly?
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