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Wow, that Veronica Bayetti Flores blog is racist

Have you heard this young lady, Lorde, on the radio? Yesterday the New York Times posted a review of her recent performance at Webster Hall, and I’m kind of at a loss about the way that her big hit, Royals, is being talked about in some circles. Now I’m a feminist, but since I've limited my internet access (due to financial constraints)  I hadn't seen this blog:  http://feministing.com/2013/10/03/wow-that-lorde-song-royals-is-racist/While I love a good critique of the sexist and racist lyrics in much pop music, this blog is not one; in fact, it is deeply racist. Because we all know who Veronica’s thinking when we’re talking golf. So why shit on New Zealand Māori? Why shit New Zealander's of Korean decent? New Zealand's top golfers are Michael Campbell (Māori), Danny Lee (NZ of Korean decent) and Lydia Ko (16 year old NZ woman of Korean decent).Sometimes bloggers don't bother to take the time to think critically about the sexist and racial accusations of their blogs – and sometimes they're guilty of what they accuse.   Veronica apparently calls herself a feminist – let’s just hope her feminism gets a lot less racist as she develops as a blogger.

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Never heard of her but I'm become so culturally illiterate it's disgusting. Why is it always necessary to put someone else down, in order to feel good about yourself maybe? Who gets put down changes with the time. And those in the group who were once the subject of discrimination now seem perfectly willing to let the shit slide downhill. I'm Italian-American and in this region the "whops" ..... I don't have to go into the details, you know what I mean. But it doesn't stop at race, ethnicity and gender; if it's none of those it's age or appearance or weight or appearance or education. There's just way too much hate in this world. Just got three hours sleep last night so I'm feeling very, ....disgusted right about now. Nice to see you Jaine, take care.
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