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Vista grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Help

My mother has kindly donated to me a spare laptop of hers (don't ask) and it is Vista, I am trying to transfer my files from my current pc to the laptop and I can't gah gah gah.

There seems to be no way to move or copy files from the disk, although I did somehow manage to move the first disk - its painstaking because I don't have a dvd writer on my dvd so have to use the cd writer which doens't hold very much. 

I have since read Vista is reknown for stalling when moving or copying files - is this true?  How blimmin annoying, to not be able to do such a simple task.  GRRR

Is it worth my having XP loaded onto it, or another operating programme, if so which one?  I know nothing!  Nothing.  gah gah gah

any advice great appreciated


oh and hugs to those who also fell for April Fool blog/pranks and fronted up and admitted it in my last blog and gold stars to those smarty pants who didn't.

UPDATE - Thanks everybody for the advice, I appreciate it!

sorted the problem, someone at work lent me a 20 gb usb stick and that worked really well =)   Apparently the problem is a rewritable cd needs to be 'closed' before being read by another computer - how dumb.  I'm sure I will get used to Vista sigh but if I win lotto I will be buying the ultra slim apple notebook that has just come out. 

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I know the pain and frustration you're going thru cause I've been there... *argh* it's tough... but I've never dealt with Vista... so err... can't lend a hand here... sorry...
about 13 years ago
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Jaine... wish I could help you... my friends near me hate Vista... i know nothing about it... don't use Windows... use Macintosh... OS 10 Leopard...
about 13 years ago
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Dang i usually just copy onto cd disc's so if i ever lose anything i just re-insert disks XD but hmmm i dunno about your situation. i wish i could help! but MACS RULE! hehehe
about 13 years ago
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You can back up your files and put them on a usb stick and download the pics,files or docs that way. Or you can take the photos or documents and click shared files, or click move files. either way you will have access. Let me know if these things work for you. If for some reason you are having a problem you can always hit control C-highlight item and then go to new computer pic folder and hit control V- the picture will appear. That is the long time consuming way.
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oh,i am not good at computer 2.it often drives me to crazy:)
about 13 years ago
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it seems that sunny is good at it.good!
about 13 years ago
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You may want to contact Gina (Huisy G) she has the VISTA program at work. They were having problems there. Maybe she can give you some helpful informaiton.
about 13 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Yeah .. I hate vista too ... blech.
about 13 years ago
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Vista is damn irritating..it has many security system upgraded dat it damn sucks.. my advice try transfering file through pendrive and regarding OS u can installed Windows XP service pack 2..
about 13 years ago
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Some things I just don't do. I take my stuff to a local computer store and the guys there do it for me. Since I don't have "sexphotos" on my drive, I don't worry too much about it. They keep other stuff confidential. Anyway, it might be worth paying for.
about 13 years ago
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That's why I have a Mac. I'm not too fond of PCs. I think my feeds are messed up. This entry of yours didn't show up on there. Good thing I saw it while I happened to be on your page.
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Vista Home Premium has less problems than Vista Home Standard. If your system has 2 dual-core processors, you will appreciate its features that XP lacks. Jaine, if you don't want to spend $, you can download a trial version winzip software. Compress your files with winzip and store them on CDs. Or spend a little for a USB memory stick to store your files and transfer them between two computers. Hope that helps. I have Vista Premium and I love it.
about 13 years ago
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yeah, i heard that vista home has quite a number of problems... i've still got windows. anyway, sorry i can't help with computer/ lap top trouble... totally computer- illiterate. =/
about 13 years ago
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Vista has so many problems! how are you trying to transfer your files? If you really find no other options you can upload them to the internet (assuming you have a broadband connection) via a site like yousendit or megaupload and then re-download them onto the laptop.
about 13 years ago
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Yeah I know I have to upgrade my PC soon and I'm dreading getting Vista, so many have complained about it. But like with Windows XP when that first came out, I am sure the problems will all be sorted. Good Luck on the lotto! The apple notebook looks a million dollars!!
about 13 years ago
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oh I changed Vista on my pc to Windows XP \cuz I dotn know how to deal with it either
about 13 years ago
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i've heard a lot of complaints about Vista.. can you trade it in for another computer?
about 13 years ago
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See, I bought a Mac instead of getting bothered by Vista hehe. I can hear my dad yelling for me now and then, to help him out with Vista, but I just pretend to not hear him :P
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