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Understanding Cricket

Cricket is a fabulous game and I have decided to upload the field positions to aid those with little understanding of the game

Okay, maybe thats not so helpful...   but here is some info on how popular cricket is taken from Wikipedia (and we all know what an indisputable source of information wikipedia is ):

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world.  More than 120 cricket-playing nations are recognised by theInternational Cricket Council.  In the countries ofSouth Asia, includingIndia,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Afghanistan,NepalandSri Lanka, cricket is the most popular sport.  Similarly, it is the most popular sport inAustralia,United Arab Emirates,BermudaCayman Islandsand the English-speaking countries of theCaribbean, which are collectively known in cricketing parlance as theWest Indies. Cricket is also the national sport of England andThe Bahamas, and a major sport in the countries ofEurope(includingWales,Scotland,IrelandandItaly),Africa(containingSouth Africa,Zimbabwe,Kenya,Namibia,UgandaandZambia),Asia(includingHong Kong,FijiandPapua New Guinea), and inNew Zealand, etc.

And I will leave you with the boys from the Beige Brigade - they are similar to the Barmy Army but now NZ supporters of any sport any where in the world can be seen in beige.  The Beige is based on the official NZ cricket uniform of the early 80s.  It was truly dreadful and the best thing to do with the truly dreadful is to embrace it:

Here is the original worn by Ian Smith in 1984

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I don't know a think about cricket but today I learned that it's very popular.
over 13 years ago
Photo 36411
I'm English and know the game well as we invented it.Someday we hope to able to play it too. :-)
over 13 years ago
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Yeah Cricket!!!! Thanks Jaine, I tried so hard to understand the rules whenever the family watched a game or I went to see it live, I had to keep saying 'Who's winning?' because the scores were double dutch. I love the original outfit worn by Ian Smith, nice clean colours.
over 13 years ago
Photo 16966
Wow! That's a lot for just one field. One look from it, I know it's a little too much for me..lol...I think I'd rather watch it.
over 13 years ago
Photo 31813
Cricket!!! i think i dont like it very but happy you love it
over 13 years ago
Photo 24165
Being in North America...we don't get too much exposure...but my Indian, Pakistani, English, and Aussie colleagues are crazy about it! I find the game a bit long though...
over 13 years ago
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I don't want to understand cricket. That craps for the birds! ; )
over 13 years ago
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I never really understood cricket
over 13 years ago
Photo 19134
wow..don't really know about the game.. thanks for the info~
over 13 years ago
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ah i love that game...but i can't believe what Mark6 said...blasphemy i tell you!!!! absolutely scandalous!!!! one day SevenSins...one day... if you ask the Indians us Aussies are getting too arrogant...if you can do anything...just please beat them, anybody even your fellow Kiwis Jaine...i think they are just jealous about how well we (us Aussies) play...they may have won the Twenty20 World Cup and good for them...but we haven't had the exposure to that form of the game for that long compared to other countries so apparently we are sore losers because we lost...and we can't help how well we play in the rest of the forms...we aren't just going to play crappy because people think we are arrogant...
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