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the value of manners

Well the silly season is well and truly upon us, apart from depressing world news which I wont recount, I have just witnessed people doing inconsiderate and dangerous things over the last few days.   Who would try and ram a camper van with your family in vehicle, even if it is a SUV (WTF), who smashes glass bottles on a beach where small children play barefoot (and yes I cleaned up the glass when I found it).  Why do normal people do such things?

I do a bit of online trading on trademe , especially coming up to Xmas.  My daughter likes Disney videos and I wanted to get her a couple of Walt Disney movies that she doesn't have.  Alice in Wonderland is one of her faves so that was on the list.  I bought one that was advertised as the Disney version but when it arrived it was a cheap version done by another animation company.    New feedback had also appeared on the Traders profile that was quite scathing that made it apparent I was not the only person this had happened to.  The feedback also implied the trader was not responding to emails about the matter.  Anyway, although I was mad, I sent a polite email requesting a refund if I returned the dvd.   The Trader responded by thanking me for my polite email and agreeing to the refund.  Now it took awhile and I did send another polite (but threatening further action) email and this morning the refund is in my account.

I am a firm believer that you catch more flies with honey.  After all, I like to be treated with courtesy and given the option of redress if I stuff up.   There is always the option of getting stroppier later if needed.

How do you respond when someone mistreats you (either unintentionally, or on purpose), do you have a stock standard response depending on the situation?

  btw I really like this laughing icon, it is so cute!

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No pattern of response, I think I just did what you did. I got fined a couple of times from parking right in front of my house. I called the council, and they weren't very cooperative, so I wrote them a polite but threatening letter. I got my reimbursement and an authorised card to park in front of my house. The laughing icons are cute, I looked closer and I think I can see little tonsils =)
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It's always best to be polite. Who responds to being yelled at? No one. There will always be an opportunity to be nasty if the other party doesn't respond to a polite request and if you have no other recourse and you need your pound of flesh. I've always found that no one gives a shit when I get all exercised---it's all just me and my blood pressure. Yes, I agree, numerous reasons for being polite. Was it taught to you or is it just the way you are? Sometimes I wonder if "those people" were raised by jackals.
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Everyone has a bad day sometimes, I always give the person few chances.
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I try hard to maintain calm. Of course my first gut reaction is to not as civil as I should be but that hardly ever comes out. I rarely blow up at people cos that's counter-productive.
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I agree in theory with Flag, but if I'm polite & someone keeps on being rude or refuses to have a calm discussion, I have a quick temper & it rears it's ugly head. I totally agree that one catches more flies with honey. More than that I feel better about myself if I stay polite & don't sink down & loose my manners myself, which I've been known to do. I admire the people around here who keep their cool no matter what crazy stuff gets said. Oh yes, regarding the stock response that can be a good way to end an unpleasant discussion. I find that on my fraud calls at work. If people start going around in circles & repeating themselves, or start going off on tangents that have nothing to do with the matter, I just keep repeating the same thing over and over 'Thanks for calling. I'll pass this report on to an investigator'. Usually after I say this about 3x they run out of steam & hang up. Worse comes to worse, Evil Seeker lies & tells them she has another phone call to take. It works every time. :)
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If the person is nice, I will be nice.... If the person is nasty... I'll try to be nice the 1st time... if it doesnt work.... they will know Choco kick asses.... : ) Sorry for the language.
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Jaine ~ politeness is the way to be ~ anger only begets anger, then things can go from bad to worse. And I agree that you catch more flies with honey ~ not vinegar ~ hehe ^^
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I do agree that I prefer to be polite even when angry, especially with things like ebay, and like you I have found that by being nice yet firm gets a lot more attention then anger, perhaps because by being nice, it makes the other person feel guilty about their actions, whereas anger will just make them respond further with anger. I try hard to control my anger, as it is very much a case of when I do explode with all my pent up frustrations people better run!! I like the little laughing icon, it's the cutest . Likewise on the crazy antics that people do at this time of year. It amazes me how a person can be so cruel to think it would be funny to see the reaction of somone stepping on glass, and I heard about that incident in Perth, so tragic, we have been having a lot of trouble with youths at the moment, lack of ability to punish young offenders so they are running amok. An elderly gentleman died a few weeks ago when a gang of teens threw rocks at him.
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well ,,,< customer is God > juz tell him this will do !
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I think you're right about catching more flies with honey. To be honest, I'm not always well-behaved enough when mistreated. What I notice is that when I'm in a situation where the outcome really counts, I behave politely. When I'm in a situation that I'm not invested in, I sometimes use other people's mistreatment of me as an excuse to blow off steam and get mad! But in essence that's bad behavior on my part...
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For me it depends on the situation. I try to treat others how I like to be treated for the most part. I usually try to be reasonable and nice but if expletives are hurled at me, I can't promise that I'll remain that way.
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