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The Tattooist - Horror Movie

Okay I'm in dilemma - I love watching kiwi flicks (mostly) but don't like horror movies.  I'm a real sook, they scare me and some of the images haunt me for a long time after.  Even B-Grade horrors I watched as a teen pop into my head unbidden sometimes - urrghh, I don't need it (silly comedy horror doesn't count).  I even struggle with thrillers though I can watch them if I have some one beside me and a blanket to hide under.  

Well a recent release in the NZ movies scene is The Tattooist, but it is a horror.   It also has the esteemed Robbie Magasiva in it and I like his work.

So the question is ..do I watch it or don't I watch it?

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDkIx26cNEo



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Someone mentioned this film to me before and I saw a similar trailer on youtube, it looks fantastic. I hope I will be able to get it in the UK. I think you should go and see it Jaine, I think it will be more mystery than anything else, I don't think it will have a lot of gore in it or scares, and you like the actor that's in it, so I think you should give it a go. Thanks for sharing,it really looks good
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The movie definitely look good~ tattoo issue....i like it..~ It seems kind of scary.. maybe you can give it a try.. during the scary part, just close your eyes :p don't miss good movie :)
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Hmm that's a bit of a dilemma. Scary movies are easier to watch at home so would you be willing to wait for the dvd release? I can't weigh in on the movie since I don't know much about it but maybe you should just give it a go since you enjoy the actor in it. Just bring someone whose armpit you can crawl into during the scary bits =) I'm a total wuss myself and stay away from the scary movies.
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hmmm well I love scary things, except for X-Files, that just *cringe* eck..I don't know why, but it just looks too realistic to me. Scared of watching 28 Days later even though I've seen it so many times. Too realistic... But Steven King and Dean Knootz I can stand..??? Ha ya, I think buying it or renting it on DVD is better, because you feel safer in your own home.
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I get freaked out watching horror movies, too. But this one doesn't look 100% like horror. Maybe you can go with someone whose arm you can grab and sort of cover your eyes with. I always try to see through the production design elements when there's blood, etc. Kind of interesting, I haven't seen many NZ films. Would love to see more.
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Oh wow I finally got to watch the video at school..lol faster connection..hehe that looks like a really good movie! some thing about it reminds me of the grudge. *gets some popcorn and watches it again*
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Hmm. Ok, I think I definitely have to watch this one hehe
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Hmm, somehow I missed this blog. I had the same dilemma when The Grudge 2 came out with it being Edison's debut Hollywood film, but I chose not to watch it cos I REALLY can't watch horror. Robbie is hot, though! I guess that didn't help.
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