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the internet sucks

eek, I don't mean it strokes internet lovingly

what I really mean is that I suck at using it,  thanks everybody for the kind advice re my translation plea.  Google translator would not or could not translate the page but I could cut and paste sections and had the text translated.  It worked much better than all the other online translators I have tried.  I find it ironic that when I google 'online translator' othersites come up but not the google one.  I never thought to click the language tools link by the search bar - duh space cadet moment

Anyhoo, there were a couple of things it in the translation I don't quite follow:

"Put vegetables in the water three times.

Water open, and then Yongxiaohuodunzhu two hours. "

what does the first line mean and what does Yongxiaohuodunzhu mean? The context would imply it means to cover the pot but assumption is THE mother of all f*ck ups so I want to be sure.

Snuck my 15 year old to see Sweeny Todd (R16) today (my bad), Tim Burton is her favourite director and she was willing to pay for us both.  To be honest apart from spurting blood and the whole concept (which she knew anyway) there wasn't anything to fret about.  Johnny Depp is rocks

And to follow up from my blog awhile back, my neighbour got a nice new car this week  so she is happy and all's well that ends well (of course the old guy was okay but I don't know if he retained his licence.

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The first one means to wash three times. I think. No clue on the 2nd question.
almost 13 years ago
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Not sure about the 3 times but "water open" means when the water boils. Yong xiao huo means "use a low fire" and I forget what dun means - i think stew - but zhu means cook, so it probably means just to cook or stew over a low fire for 2 hours.
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Haha, I wonder why it pinyin'ed it, instead of translating it.
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to follow wendy's translation, Yong xiao huo means "use a low fire" and dun zhu means "to cook or broil" (dun is like "broil" in english) for 2 hours... although i learned pin yin, this really sucks b/c there's no intonation... and obviously, the person wanting the translation wouldn't know pinyin if they asked for an english translation! i feel your pain... anyway, good luck =) haven't seen that johnny depp movie. hehe....
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This site rocks for so many reasons & this is one of them! How great to get info you wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. I agree about Johnny Depp's acting. Each character he does is so unique & quirky & he inhabits them so completely. So cool! It's the strangest thing, blood in real life doesn't make me sick but lots of blood on the big screen sortta does.
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Water open, and then Yongxiaohuodunzhu two hours...... Boil the water, simmer for 2 hours using low fire : )
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I'm so happy that you received help with the translations. That is what I love about this sight. People are so nice and willing to help each other out. You don't find that on other sites. Even if they have larger staffs to accomodate their clients. Their clients can't compare to the people here on AnD. I love that.
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low fire... can be low heat hehe
almost 13 years ago
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maybe it's to cook on the stove?
almost 13 years ago
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Jaine ~ i'm glad you found someone to help with the translation ~ hope it comes out yummy!!! ^.^ Happy to know things worked out for your neighbor, and that the elderly gentleman is well. :)
almost 13 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Okay .. when I come visit you in NZ I'm going to give you a "all the cool stuff you can do on the internet" tutorial ...
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hmm.... online translations confuse me... =T but looks like some fellow friends answered your question... hehee... I'll look at the article/blog again and see if I can find some key points in the entry... =) but gotta give me some time... hahaa...
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the first, iguess that the vegetables should be washed three times...and the second, i know the meaning, but i dont know how to say it in english, maybe i need the online translator too, let me think it about, or i ll tell you later....or hope someone else has already gave you the answer ^_^
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What a coincidence your write about the internet and particularly Google. At work, I spend alot of quality time with Google; it's one of the main tools I use. There's a way google, and other search engines have been put together to pick up key words... I won't go into that cos I would just bore the daylights out of you =) I read the first paragraph of your chinese blog. Ever since I came back to Aussie land, my ability to read Chinese has weakened. It took me quite a long time to read through the first paragraph, and then I somehow gave up. I got the gist of it though... something about coping with the illness of a loving member. I saw the preview of Sweeny Todd, and it looked freaky. I remember watching Sleepy Hollow and not being able to sleep because my mind was polluted with the bloody splashing scene... do you remember? Was the blood scene in Sweeny Todd as bad as in Sleepy Hollow?
almost 13 years ago
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hehe.. .my english really poor. sometimes i i dont know how to say it in english .but i will try my best to say ..hehe..because i hope someday i can say allthing in english easy..maybe..^_^
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lol, totally agree about assumption, i translated something completely wrong and told someone he and his girlfriend looked lovely together(turned out to be sister). Great to see some of the girls were able to help translate it better! And pleased to hear your neighbour got her car, I hope the gentleman got to keep his licence too :) Sweeny Todd is only rated 16 with you, wow it got an 18 here, I get to see it on Wednesday. I've been watching horror since a toddler and I turned out okay...wait, no maybe not....yeah bad idea to take your daughter...look at me!
almost 13 years ago
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Wow...what ever that word means in the recipe, I'm sure it's dirty! hee hee (Does it involve a cucumber perhaps?) Your R-rated movie age is lower than ours....ours is 17 yrs old. Depp does totally rock the bliddy movie! I saw it a couple of weeks ago. I haven't been able to get "The worse pies in London" song outta my head! hummmm hummmm
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