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summer rain & childhood smells

It just started raining here and so I raced out to collect the washing off the line.  I could smell rain on hot asphalt (my driveway) - I love that smell, it reminds me of hot days and fresh summer showers and Melbourne (it rains a lot in Melbourne, well it did, I haven't been there since 1980).

It's like pine needles smell like Christmas (to me anyhoo), there are many smell triggers.

What smells trigger childhood memories (or general memories) for you?

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Dunno, but I love the smell of fresh air on a crisp morning.
almost 13 years ago
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I have always like rainy days. I like the sound, smell and it washes away the pollen to cure my allergies. Rain definitely triggers my childhood memories.
almost 13 years ago
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I love sun showers during the summer ~ standing out in the rain while the sun shines ~ it's wet, yet warm ~ an awesome childhood memory!!! ^.^
almost 13 years ago
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Rain is one of those evocative smells which can remind you of another place and time. The ones that claim to mind were cotton candy (the fair), tanning lotion (the beach), chlorine (the pool)...but all those smells have to be experienced at those places. Rain can be anywhere. Nothing's coming to mind like that.
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This is not a childhood smell, but yesterday I was on the train home and this lady next to me smelled like boiled cabbage.
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oh , i remember once after shopping at the market with my sis , it rained heavy outside ,people were all standing in the hall ,but we decided to run through the rain so as not to be late for dinner , haha , thats a good memory ,though we got wet , but the rain did smell good haha
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We had a terrible storm that lasted about two weeks. Now it is warm like summer. I'm enjoyiing the sunshine and feel a lttle guilty because we really need the rain. As much as I hate the rain we desperate for water. I love the sound of water during the day. At night it keeps me awake. Oh well I guess the weather just can't please me.:) Except for the earthquakes. I can totally do without those. We have had a few trimmers. I think it has something to do with the crazy weather pattern we are having. Enjoy your sweet smell of rain.
almost 13 years ago
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Oh good question, and nice memory. For me The smell of Brut always reminds me of my father, he used to douse himself in that aftershave and it stunk and choked.
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i love this entry, so nice. for me, i love the earth smell after rain. it reminds me the old time, though i'm not that old. lol
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smell~~I like this topic. Once l fell in love with a guy,l like his hands smell,that make me in a trance:P.I went to the market to buy the same toilet soap .I smelt one by one,than i found it.I was so happy.I bought it and used it everyday:)
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I'm partial to the smell of freshly washed laundry and bakeshops.
almost 13 years ago
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Lots of smells remind me of childhood days....... the smell of grass when it rains... smell of incense burning (especially older HK apts.) =)
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i hear that sense of smell seems to stimulate our memory most in our five senses. Therefore the time of old days revives in the mind when we get whim of a certain smell. As for me, smell of coconuts reminds me Tahichi , haha
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What a dramatic pic!
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Dang, nicely captured!
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i love the pic, and yeah, i know that smell, at least, i knew it....what triggers childhood memories for me is the smell of a certain candy, but i rarely find it now....
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My mum's beautiful tomato and eggs dishes... reminds me of my childhood years... Apparently, there's this smell that lingers at the hotel I work for... whenever I smell that unique smell I think about the rude clients I have dealt with =(
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Great idea for a blog entry! Lemme see...the smell of Old Spice aftershave reminds me of my Pop Pop (my Mom's Dad). I totally adored him. The smell of salt water, popcorn & taffy reminds me of those fun times at the boardwalk & going on rides that were out on piers over the ocean. The smell of wet dog reminds me of the doggies that have been part of my life over the years & how they all liked to get muddy, even the little frou frou dog I have now. She's so low to the ground all it takes is one sweep over wet ground & she's a mess haha.
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