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Space Cadet

Some time ago W-Bird proclaimed herself a Space Cadet and I confessed that I was a member of that Cadetship   I have recent proof too - I promised photos of my New Years Eve and then promptly forgot my camera DOH   I did take some photos with my phone.

It was a fun bbq and even the plate I took (stuffed aubergine) worked out well - to my relief given I didn't have all the ingredients in the recipe and had never cooked eggplant before (indeed this was the first time I had ever bought it).  Anyhoo I left early becoz I got a txt from my beloved daughter "... bringing a horde of friends home..."  Eek,  a horde of teenagers at my house on NY's eve when I'm not there - like that is going to happen .  We spoke on the phone and I was told it was only going to be 4 (yeah right) .  They also wanted alcohol and to roam about (I live very close to the beach) I went home and made a deal that I would get them some alcohol provided they stay in the house and be sensible with it.  Well 4 were and 3 weren't (including my daughter).  sigh.   I will not say anymore on the matter except, I would probably do it again because I would hate to think of them in town/at the beach getting random guys to buy them alcohol and getting into that state.    On a flippant note, I was asked for ID when buying the alcohol - woo hoo

Back to the bbq, it was too hot at first to put on the suits - I have a whole new respect for sumo wrestlers, it was hard work wearing the suits, bugger carrying around all that weight and bulk for real! 


My friends lemon tree died so she decorated with empty lemon juice bottles (the little lemon shaped ones) and beads, it looked really cool imo.

So I hope you all had a fun NY's eve.  Are you a member of the Space Cadet League, what was the last Space Cadet thing you did?

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Photo 48111
woo ,,haha where are you in the pix ? funny suit well you have a teenage daughter?
about 13 years ago
Photo 39850
well haha,, you gotta a headache emm,, no worries , I behaved far worse than her when I was a teenager ,, trust me ! where did you find the suit ? lovely tree indeed! your friend has a greenfinger!
about 13 years ago
Photo 36327
hehehehe ! great ! nice life ! i glad for you !
about 13 years ago
Photo 31984
That is such a cool lemon tree! Your friend sure does know how to improvise. Smart decision with your teenager daughter. If I were a mum, I'd rather have her drunk under my supervision as opposed to outside on the beach without my guard. The world's growing to be a corrupted place. Apparently, a girl's corpse was found in Adelaide's city - we drove past there on our way to the beach. My body is sore from all that walking on the beach. I've been at home all today, doing practically nothing =)
about 13 years ago
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Such a cool mom!! but seriously you did the right thing, at least no harm came to the teens which is what could of happened had they gotten drunk in the city. Creative and very neat ideas for the lemon tree. I gotta say, that Sumo party looks a whole lotta fun!! My kind of party, no inhibitions just hysterical fun.....So who was the overall champion? Did you win ?
about 13 years ago
Photo 11131
How about a Choco Family Sumo Competition *wink
about 13 years ago
Photo 28042
Have a great New Year. As for space cadet status, I'm headmaster of the Space Cadet Academy. I live it.
about 13 years ago
Photo 16256
LOL. The sumo look isn't that great on you. haha. Hope you kicked ass big time! Alcohol and teens. =(
about 13 years ago
Photo 42904
Funny pics!! where did you get the sumo suit and field ( DOHYO).acutually there are some sumo wreslers from south pacific islands, such as Tonga. never from NZ.
about 13 years ago
Photo 35692
What a coinkeydink (American slang for coincidence!) Read my latest blog...
about 13 years ago
Photo 43499
The picture are funny.Haha.^^
about 13 years ago
Jrs 8c 1405439596528
Too funny!!!! Maybe I'll suggest we sumo wrestle for next year's new year's eve bash (it'll be a smash and bash for sure!)!!! Happy New Year to you, Jaine, and your family!
about 13 years ago
Photo 34078
Awesome pics of the sumo wrestling and the clever lemon tree. Are you in any of the photos? It looks like a blast! Wise decision regarding your daughter, her friends and the alcohol. If she was gonna drink, it's certainly better under your roof where you have some control over the situation. I've done plenty of space cadet things but I'm totally spacing :P on them at the moment.
about 13 years ago
Photo 43083
Jaine ~ great idea about the teenagers ~ supervision is the best thing if they want to experiment with alcohol ~ know from experience when I was a teen ~ *winks* I'm a space cadet ~ sometimes forget my cell phone when I leave the house >.<
about 13 years ago
Photo 32917
haha,funny pics. you're a great mom^_^
about 13 years ago
Photo 48897
funny! I wanna join the wrestling!
about 13 years ago
Photo 23902
Aha, now I see the Sumo suit thing. What?? Do they rent them? Those are so awesome! And is it pretty common? It must be a different feeling to wrestle when your suit has that much mass!!! Space cadet, yes, that I am and always will be. Better to accept it!
about 13 years ago
Photo 34128
Thank you so much for the photos of the sumo suits. I hope I have the chance to try that someday. I ended up ringing in the new year with some friends at the cafe before going out to the first meal of the year. No teens though. You do look quite young without hair. I would not have guessed you had a teenage daughter. My brother use to live in California and was carded once for spray paint - you must be over 18 in California to buy it - he was nearly 30.
about 13 years ago
Photo 31597
hi, girl, how fun you are ! hehe i'd like to talk with in english, but my english is poor, could you read some chinese?
about 13 years ago
nice lemon tree.. clever of your friend!
about 13 years ago


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