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RIP Sir Edmond Hillary

geez I'm behind in myfeeds and in replying to my comments - sorry folks, bear with me, I'll get there, I've just had a busy few days.

I just wanted to blog my respects, to Sir Edmond Hillary who passed away this morning.  I actually feel quite upset as he is one of my heros.   I think his passing has international coverage but just in case you don't know who Sir Ed is... this is from the New York Times:

" Sir Edmund Hillary, the lanky New Zealand mountaineer and explorer who with Tenzing Norgay, his Sherpa guide, won worldwide acclaim in 1953 by becoming the first to scale the 29,035-foot summit of Mount Everest, the world's tallest peak, has died," it reads.

"In the annals of great heroic exploits, the conquest of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund and Mr. Norgay ranks with the first trek to the South Pole by Roald Amundsen in 1911 and the first nonstop trans-Atlantic flight by Charles A. Lindbergh in 1927."

What the news may not report is that Sir Ed was embarrassed about the attention he got for being the "first" to climb Mt Everest, as far as he was concerned it was a team effort and they (him and Tenzing Norgay) got there together.  The ascent was in the days when the British Empire was still trying to bolster it's ego and they latched onto this acheivement and crowed about it - normally antipodeans were treated with the patronising 'poor cousin' air.  Sir Ed felt Tenzing did not get the recognition he deserved.  Tenzing passed away in 1986.

Sir Ed embodied the values of integrity and modesty, he also worked to do what he could in Nepal, he set up a trust and built many hospitals and schools, the trust also provides prosethetic limbs to Sherpas who lose limbs to frostbite.   The previous King of Nepal made him an honorary citizen in 2003.  It's reported his death is felt just as keenly in Nepal as it is in New Zealand.

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Wow! That's wonderful that he did so much for his beloved Nepal. That's very heart touching. I'm glad he felt strongly that he alone did not reach the summit first. Thanks for posting this up, Jaine. Another era is past.
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It's news in the US too Jaine. I'm up in the middle of the night here, and there've been several segments on NPR / BBC overnight. New Zealand's favorite son and one of the last great explorers on terra firma. At 88 he lived a long life, and what a life. It almost doesn't feel right to "mourn" his passing. He's just doing more exploring.
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wow,sounds he is a great man. i haven't focus on him before,thanks for sharing,jaine^_^
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i am familiar with his story~our oral english teacher once mentioned him~really really a great man~i show my respect to him~and feel sorry~Jaine~
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I know what you mean, I was shocked to learn of his death when I switched on the PC this morning. He was a great man in every way, I hope we don't lose too many gentle giants this year :(. One of the few people I actually enjoyed learning about in school.
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He looks young in that pic. Yes, and you don't climb Mt. Everest alone. It's totally a team project.
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Tributes for Everest 'colossus' The media in the UK have been covering his death and reminding us all of his great achievement of climbing Everest in 1953. It is amazing to think what his Sherpa and himself did without any of the high tech equipment they have today. Gone but not forgotten a man who made his country men proud.
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very nice tribute! yes - he was definitely a humble and great man.
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He was a great man, Jaine ~ kind, modest, sincere. People like him are very rare ~ he will definitely be missed and remembered by many.
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this is very interesting. it's good to know that he was embarrassed to get all the credit though his government wanted to publicize it. there's such a positive feeling in that photograph. he looks like christopher doyle (the cinematographer) in that photo!
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RIP Sir Ed... Learned something new today. Thanks!
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