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Went to make a cup of tea tonight and accidentally put the wrong element on - doh, so I melted a spoon (plastic handle) into the bottom of a pot.  I didn't notice till the awful smell reached me, by which time the kitchen was full of smoke .  Yikes.  I have got rid of all the smoke but the smell is still there.   My cup of tea was good though

Still thats two pots and a kettle that I have ruined in about 3 weeks - what the hell is going on Looks like I will be second hand shopping for pots and a kettle in the morning.

On the news tonight a man got home to find it had been burgled and that the thief had returned his goods + the items he bought with the stolen credit card + an apology note.  WTF

What is the purpose of the facebook 'poke'?  Seems a bit pointless to me.  Still better than all those dreadful skanky html comments in myspace.  shudder  I think I must shout out to the AnD crew for having a great site at this point .  No pointless stuff like 'pokes' and no skanky comment stuff either.  Just good people and their blogs.  Its all good.

For those kiwis and aussies on here, Rove's impression of how his Irish accent merges into a Popeye the Sailor impersonation on telly tonight was hilarious.  I love Rove McManus (I'm a closet hippy, I love lots of people  ).

Down under it is the first weekend of Spring, which means I will be spring cleaning this weekend.  Now I know that one doesn't actually have to 'spring clean' in spring, but it is always so nice to get it done after winter and I love the way my home feels once it is done.  Its probably just pyscological but I don't care .



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i don't know what a facebook "poke" is. i'm still trying to figure out the reason there are "kudos" on myspace's blogs. sorry to hear about your plastic spoon melting. i've done something similiar to what you did, so i know that awful smell a little all too well. i also know it takes forever to go away.
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Did you hear on the news about complaints from employers about Facebook? I never use it so I don't get it. And it annoys me that you can't read up about someone unless you're their friend. I guess that's a lot safer, but what if they don't provide a photo? I love Rove too. I was so upset when Belinda died because of how much Rove loved her. To me, no one could love their wife more than Rove did. I used to laugh so much when he kept joking about how bad his marriage was.
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haha, i don't think pokes are so bad. it's a way to say "hello" without actually writing a message. =)
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I've been meaning to check out facebook - this mysterious "poke' makes me curious... thanks for your supportive comments on my blog, btw!! (:
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Glad you were still able to enjoy your tea despite that little spoon incident =) I've never used Facebook before but this poke reminds me of the wink on match.com (dating site). We got a friend to sign up on there last year and we were always trying to get her to wink at guys. I guess it's just a more passive way of getting some attention.
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ive done stuff like that before.. i wasnt paying attention and i cooked a metal plate in the microwave.. good thing it didnt blow up...
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Oh no about your kettle! I don't use facebook so I have no idea what it is. haha
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Awww... a thief with a conscience. I wonder if he bought any cool stuff on the credit cards cause then the robbed person would get all the schwag for free!!
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So much for a soothing cup of tea, eh? Oi!
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When John was little, Jeremy was boiling a baby bottle on the stove and forgot about it...he absoultely incinerated it. The smell was nappy!!
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