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Pulp Sport

Pulp Sport is an NZ comedy and a new series started this week.  Most of their skits are funny, some are not - it all depends on ones sense of humour.  I just wanted to share some clips that I thought were funny:

Halfass - Halfass was born as a parody of how NZ versions of US TV shows are really lame, so instead of Jackass, I give you this weeks episode of  Halfass ....



Urban Blocking; here the Pulp Sport guys are educating NZers on American Football:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnpNCMeGRfs

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OK, you are becoming my go-to-girl for cracking up. This is hilarious! I would watch this over Jackass any day. Maybe NZ can become "the new Canada" since Canadian stuff is finally coming into its own, maybe in America's post 9-11 mentality...
over 13 years ago
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haha... cute accents. funny how as a canadian i find that w-bird's comment is quite true!!! (about canada)... interesting stuff.
over 13 years ago
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Oh I like this parody, It really makes me smile taking the mickey out of jackass. Never a fan of jackass myself, I love crazy stunts but some stuff they did was just sick, literally. I enjoyed minyoo's chiseen, yesterday. If you like crazy stunts Jaine go see his videos, the firework is hilarious
over 13 years ago
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j s
Wow Jaine, that's some XTREME stuff! Whoo! I really liked that shot where the guy is giving passing traffic the finger yet covering it up with his other hand. How overboard is THAT crazy shit?!
over 13 years ago
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haha its funny~ i should find out more in youtube :p
over 13 years ago
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Hehe! Not a fan of the Jackass myself. Pulp Sport and Halfass look like they're probably funnier. I like the American football one. I actually don't understand or care much for American football. I'd rather watch the other football any day.
over 13 years ago
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haha. I like American football!
over 13 years ago


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