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pick top ten films from your country

I was reading Kit Hui 's blog about the film list (100 must see movies from the 20th century) supplied by Leonard Maltin which she described as American centric.  The list is indeed American centric though there are some good films on it.

This made me think - if you could recommend 10 films, from your own country (be as centric as you like),  as essential viewing what would they be and why.......

I had a bit of trouble picking ten from NZ but here is my ten (in no particular order)

1 - Outrageous Fortune - Christmas Movie = as cheesy as the title is, this is a great movie based on a local drama.  It is an excellent look at working class NZ and the classic NZ camping summer holiday.

2 - Once Were Warriors - dated now but still a look at the NZ you don't see in the tourist ads (I was physically shaking when I left the movie theatre after watching this, the dvd doesn't have the same effect but it is still quite powerful).

3 - Scarfies - Dunedin student culture in all it's base glory, well written story imo.

4 - Heavenly Creatures - beautifully told by Peter Jackson (before he got all famous) story of two teenage girls who murdered one of their mothers in Christchurch in the 1950s (true story).

4 - Out of the Blue - true story of NZ's first mass shooting in Aramoana in 1990, beautifully told with collaboration with the survivors.  This movie has no music soundtrack, the only music is when the characters listen to the radio, this gives the movie quite a different feel from most modern movies.

5 - Meet the Feebles - sick and twisted and a must see (I only have two Peter Jackson movies on my list, I don't consider LOTR to be NZ movies, we were just the backdrop).

6 - Grasscutter - dated 80s movie about an Irish family expatriated to NZ to hide from the IRA, oldie but a goodie.

7 - Sione's Wedding - released in the States as Samoan Wedding, not sure how much of the humour in this is cultural but it was a big hit in NZ, it is a great peek into NZ Pacific Island culture.

8 - The Man With No Head - Martin Clune stars in this cute made for TV movie about an East Coast Iwi (Maori tribe) trying to claim back a carved wooden head that is in British museum, Martin Clune is the museum representative sent to NZ to stop the repatriation.

9 - Mauri - great plot twist and also a good look into Maori culture

10 - Eagle vs Shark - for NZ nerd/geek/loser humour; Jemain Clement is a lead, if you like Flight of the Conchords you may (but I promise nothing) like this, I did anyway.

So which ten would you pick from your country, and if you have time, why?


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Hey, how come Black Sheep wasn't on that? I thought that might be (I haven't seen it, I get scared easily).
about 13 years ago
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I thought about it - it only narrowly missed out, I really like Tammy Davis who stars in it (and who plays Munter in Outrageous Fortune).
about 13 years ago
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I'll have to think about this one!
about 13 years ago
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What about "Whale Rider" .. isn't it also from NZ? I saw it here in the states! ^^
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yep Whale Rider is a good movie but I was limiting it to ten and for me it didn't make the cut..
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I'm not a movie buff; can't even remember the plot most of the time.haha. With that said, I'd include a Pixar animated film, 16 Candles for female teen stuff, Fast Times at Ridgemont high for male and female teen stuff, Air Force One for a faux macho U.S. president, Star Wars for some sci-fi, Halloween for some small-town horror, The Sixth Sense for some paranormal, Jungle Fever for interracial relationship, Fried Green Tomatoes for some lesbian-like relationship.... one more and I can't think of one more. =D
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wow I wouldn't know what to put on my list... I'm easily pleased and to me a lot of movies are good movies... hahaa... #4 sounds a bit "scary" esp that its based on a true story... but I guess reality does get a bit scary at times, huh? Thanks for sharing your list... I haven't seen any of these movies before...
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unfortunately, i haven't seen enough CDN films to recommend any!!! hahaha... peachey's list sounds good (US ones)!
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Oh this is a good idea. I'll have to list mine from Britain too, It's hard to choose ten. After seeing the trailer of 'Out of the Blue' I looked to see if it's available, and luckily it's due out at the rental place, so hopefully I will get to see it soon, it looks very harrowing. 'Once we're Warriors' will always remain a classic I think.
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I don't know if I could actually come up with 10 American films. They'd probably all be old. Your list of films sounds interesting. The only one I've seen is "Heavenly Creatures" and I'd forgotten that it was directed by Peter Jackson. Dark subject mater but like you said, it was beautifully told. Kate Winslet was so young there. I liked the other actress too. She does more comedies now. "Eagle vs Shark" is on cable now. I'm gonna try to watch it soon. I think Jemaine is a trip :P
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Thanks for the descriptions of the films. Made me think I really need to get Netflix or one of the other video rental services so I can broaden my horizons! When I thought about it the films that came to mind were largely American & British except for the MA films I've purchased over the years. Besides Gone with the Wind & The Wizard of Oz some of my favorite old time films are Bringing Up Baby, The African Queen, It's a Wonderful Life & To Kill a Mockingbird. A couple of other 'classics' for me are A Christmas Story, Dances with Wolves & The Godfather I & II. Not much offbeat about my list lol. I don't know how much play a film called Tender Mercies got outside the US, but that's another one I can watch over & over. It starred Robert Duvall & an actress named Tess Harper. Here's how IMDb describes it: "A broken-down, middle-aged country singer gets a new wife, reaches out to his long-lost daughter, and tries to put his troubled life back together." I like the way the stories of the characters unfold in the film, and another thing I like about it is the way the sparse scenery contributes to the atmosphere.
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I watched at least 3 films a week and I don't remember their names. I watched Charlie Wilson's War today, which I enjoy very much.
about 13 years ago


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