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photography and the weekend

On Friday my daughter, I and 3 of her friends loaded up the car and headed off to Golden Bay, to stay at a work bach in Collingwood ( a perk of working for the Dept of Conservation).  The bach was great - a quintessential kiwi bach.  A bach is a basic holiday home, sometimes it is nothing more than a converted shed, though in recent times they have become quite flash.  I like the older style and the childhood memories and emotions (holidays of adventure and exploration) that they invoke.

It was great, I took the girls to Waikoropupu Springs, really clear and cold Springs - no swimming is allowed though, because of the danger of introducing unwanted organisms like didymo and also because it is a site of special significance to local Maori.  We also went to a gorgeous beach by the name of Wharariki but it was so windy I was brought to mind of The Flight of the Phoenix when the dude gets lost going for a pee in the night and gets sand blasted.

I have been so inspired by the photos on here (except for maybe Sung's bull testicles photo ^_~) that I took my camera to go "photo mad" with.  It was great fun - I learnt that aside from perspective, composition, light, colours etc, I need to learn to hold the camera straight - doh.  I should probably also learn the settings of my camera - the only one I know at the moment is "auto"

I also took photos of sand/rocks/plants etc because I'm quite tactile and have a thing for texture.  I wanted to weave the texture photos into the other photos to creat a 'quilt' of the experience.  Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to load it up, no matter I'm not sure I excuted the idea very well anyway.  I will upload the other photos into an album so this blog doesn't become unweilding.

Oh before I go - took my daughter and her boyfriend to see Rocky Horror Picture Show last night - I saw the play years ago (wearing leopard print tights - eek) - on the big screen.  It was great.

One last thing - thanks for all who commented on the facebook "poke".  I discovered after poking Patrick (I couldn't resist) and he poked back (he's such a honey) that if someone pokes you then you are able to see some of their profile.


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Photo 23902
I have to admit your comment about Sung's bull testicle photo in the midst of your describing the weekend had me totally cracking up out loud. When I opened the testicle photo, I was like, "okay." Anyway, this is a great entry. Loved reading about the "bach" and Wharariki. Also, I really hope you can upload the pix - are they digital? Do you have a cable with your camera?
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Photo 36337
Great photos and story today. I have to agree with w-bird about Sung's testicle photo!. Hope you managed to find the info on Anita Mui, she was a lovely lady. Also thanks for the comments about cherishing loved ones, I have a thing that I will never leave a friend or family member in anger, before leaving their company. Also I loved Rocky Horror Picture show. Although my old skool father was 'terrified' of the movie, I'd never seen him so lost for words!. Richard O'Brien the writer and star of the show used to host a gameshow called the Crystal maze, he was very funny.
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Photo 16966
Wow that sounds and looks like a wonderful get away. :)
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Photo 1967
Ooh, sounds nice. I have to admit, I've never stayed on a bach. I've hardly ever done the whole Kiwi holidays thing. Well, I've probably been camping once or twice (one time being in a friend's backyard!), but my family's more of a stay at home, be boring people kind of people. Have fun with your camera. You know you're bad when everyone starts saying "There she goes again."
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Photo 34078
Looks and sounds like a terrific little getaway. So that's what a bach is :) Thanks for sharing your photos as well. The beach shots are great! I think you're doing quite well for someone who's just using the auto setting on her camera for now. The more photographs you take the more you will open up your "photographic eye" and get a feel for executing what you want.
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Photo 33405
Nice picture, that looks like a nice, relaxing getaway spot. :)
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Photo 35692
Wow, this is a great blog. The bach sounds GREAT. Totally unrelated...it was a hard day at work today. Another worker was injured at the preschool and could not lift babies, so they put me in the baby room this week. Today I was changing a diaper and the baby rolled off the changing table! She cried a lot, though she showed no evidence of being injured. They wrote me up on an incident report. I just hope everything turns out OK.
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Photo 16256
I've never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've heard about it. I've passed by a theater that showed it almost every night. But I just didn't get it. I don't even know what it is, really. Maybe I should rent a DVD of it. It's over-the-top silliness, is it not?
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