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"peace" vs "up yours"

In the UK, Australia and New Zealand, the 'peace' sign as demonstrated below by Rik from the Young Ones, always has the palm face forward.  The 'up yours' sign, as demonstrated by Vyv from the Young Ones, always has the back of the hand facing foward. 

The ' up yours' sign with two fingers is equivalent to the one with one finger.

In some of the photos I see on here people are giving the "up yours" hand sign and I wonder if they are meaning too or if there is not the distinction in other places?

If you are travelling to the UK, Australia or NZ becareful about the kind of peace sign you give, because if you give the 'up yours' signal by accident you might be unintentionally picking a fight.  Of course any decent person will probably recognise it as a mistake but, alas, not everybody is decent unfortunately.

EDIT:  I should add, it is also the case in Ireland and South Africa.  Pretty much English speaking countries outside of North America.

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Aye I've been noticing that too. I took it for extreme granted that everyone knew the difference but of late it's become clear they don't. Although my nephews are cute they keep giving me the peace sign thinking it is the up yours sign, I won't be telling them the truth.
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It kinda bugs me when people give the wrong sign. I always think 'well fine...up yours too!!!' I've commented on some people photos and some of them go...oh...oops...i forgot!!! That's funny. I quite like the history behind the whole up yours sign...it's interesting.
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Good to know!
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it's RIK and Vyvyan!! i love "The Young Ones"!
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metaphorically, this is making me think about how some people will always take even an accurate peace sign as an up yours sign! and God knows why!
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In our part of the US at least I never heard of a two-fingered up yours sign (using the index and middle finger palm facing in). Peace sign is palm facing out for sure. Here up yours is one unmistakeable middle finger - palm position irrelevant but usually facing in. Photos I have seen here people use the sign of the horns (index and little finger) as some kind of badass rocker pose. Often with tongue unfurled. I will be on the lookout for the reverse peace sign though. Although I wlll not take specific offense in real life unless I get flipped the bird
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hmm... good info... b/c I actually do give the peace sign with the palm facing inwards. hahaa... this reminds me of this Wong Fu Productions video. have you seen it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GLJRzuodKo
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I know of a few varieties, there is the "V" for victory sign, the footprint of an American Chicken (The peace sign of the 70s) and the version that is common in the UK, OZ and NZ which is the back of your hand facing out but it is usually driven with an upwards motion to very much connect the idea of "up yours". The American variation I have seen is one finger, the ring finger with the back of the hand facing outwards. As kids there was another variation again, if you wanted to make another kid look silly you sneaked up behind them and made the peace sign behind their head so it looked like rabbit ears. Now I often see both Chinese and Japanese girls at the charming best with big smiles and what looks like the "peace" sign so I guess they use it in a friendly way to wish "peace" to someone else.
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this is my daughter's favorite PICTURE pose
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Did not know the peace sign with palms faced in means up yours, learn somethin new everyday. hand signs are tricky!
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Ha ha, perfect timing. I was hoping someone would explain it to Wu Di. Now I don't need to worry about it. :) Thanks.
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That's something I never knew ... Thanks, Jaine!!! :)
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After a few "incidents" in Europe, I learn to forget all my...signs...hehehe.
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Wow...I did not know there was a difference nor have I ever seen anybody give the "up yours" double-finger gesture! Thanks for teaching us, oh wise one! =)
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I think Hutch means the middle finger here in America....I don't think anybody can actually point just their ring finger! Try it...it's hard.
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