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parenting teens + red wine = sanity

seriously if my daughter was anymore negative she would demateralise

but a glass of nice Pinot Noir and some chocolate santas makes it all better


I feel weird wishing everybody Happy Thanksgiving, coz a) we don't celebrate it here and b) it may have been great for the settlers but it lead to lots of misery for others...... 

As the parent of an indigenous child (even an extremely negative teen) I still feel sensitive to the suffering that colonisation has caused.

 I was trying to upload a  photo but kept getting 'error on page' msg and a pop up blank AnD window - what the?  More red wine is needed

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Jaine, I am sure you have enough mischief behind you to understand the hassles that teeenagers have. The world used to be simple but kids face a very uncertain future these days, no work, no money, no fun etc .... There is a sales pitch that you can use if you do it right, no-one can predict the future and if you can connect that to her, you can sell her the idea that te world will keep changing and not always for the worst. Unrelated, which end of Kiwiland are you from ?
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I was such an obnoxious teen. Just awful. I don`t know how they refrained from just killing me in my sleep. Good luck with that. This too shall pass. As for Thanksgiving it really has morphed far from the Pilgrim`s story we were told in grade school. That`s hardly a consideration (for better or worse). Today it is just a ghost of a harvest festival and more of an annual time for family to congregate and feast together. It is said to be the biggest travel time in the US---not just air but on the roads---I guess it because people stay home more on Christmas. We had a nice one.
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I know the feeling, been there, done that (am still doing actually). I guess we can only try ever so 'softly softly' and honestly times have changed. Some things good and some off-the-rails. Teenagers really do need a guiding hand now more than ever cause choices and influences are 3x of what we faced before. My choice........... Bailey's.
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There is nothing chocolate and a good shot of alcohol cannot fix ;) Teens, I can't remember mine but I'm sure I was completely and utterly negative about everything too. Poor K, hope she feels better soon.
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we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving either. it's just a day off for us to stuff our face. hahaa... =X
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Teens do have a way of getting all moody. Hopefully it's a phase that will pass. Yes some nice Pinot and chocolate do have a way of making things better :) Janechu is right. We Asians don't celebrate Thanksgiving. I recall one of our better days being had at a Korean bbq :P
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Chocolate + wine = great cure-all ~~~ 'specially the chocolate!!! :D
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Sure do agree with you about the colonialist aspect of the holiday. :( Yeah, teens are a surly lot. I read a chapter in a book about women's issue that talked about the firestorm hormones ignite in kids, esp girls, and how the impulse control portion of their brain is so affected they literally can't think straight at times. Can't blame it all on that, but it contributes toward explaining the ups & downs. I was a rebellious sort masquerading as a good girl when I was a teen. Hope K's moods smooth out so yours can too lol (but it's not funny, I know).
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