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no penis

HaHa made you look

actually there is reason for my blog heading and I will get to it in a moment.  Yesterday was my last day of work at DOC (the Department of Conservation for those of you who don't know), so its now my turn to blog the Snoopy happy dance (thanks Jane and Butter)

I still haven't got a departure date but I have couriered off my documents - $105 to send a few bits of paper by courier to Korea   (say "I couriered to Korea for my career" 3 times really fast!).  I already gave notice on my flat and work (have I blogged this?) and yesterday was my last day at work.  I actually worked a few extra hours to make sure that the person who is likely to take over my workload will have some direction.  Anyway yesterday I over indulged with the snack box  and went to the social club Happy Hour  (I usually finish early so don't bother) but also the reptile man at work had a Tuatara and I got to hold it - woot.  'So what' you say, well...

It is the last remaining member of the ancient group of reptiles,

Tuatara is a Maori word meaning "peaks on the back". It is easy to see why.

The tuatara is famous because it is a very ancient – it is the only survivor Tuatara!of a large group of reptiles that roamed the earth at the same time as dinosaurs. It hasn't changed its form much in over 225 million years! The relatives of tuatara died out about 60 million years ago which is why the tuatara is sometimes called a ‘living fossil’.

You might have thought tuatara are lizards…but they’re not.- The arrangement of their teeth is very special. The single row of teeth in the lower jaw fits between two rows of teeth in the upper jaw. This helps tuatara tear apart hard insects such as weta, and chew the heads off small seabirds!

  • Tuatara mate differently from lizards. The male tuatara does not have a penis; he mounts the female and passes sperm straight from his cloaca to hers (the cloaca is the hole that sperm enters the female through).

  • They have a gland beneath the skin on the head, which contains a simple ‘third eye’.

  • Lizards have visible ear openings but tuatara do not.

But like lizards, if they lose their tails they are able to regrow them - excellent!

Tuatara by KCC member, Samuel KeallWhat’s this about a ‘third eye’ ??   The ‘third eye’ is visible under young tuatara’s skin and becomes covered with scales after four to six months. The ‘third eye’ soaks up UV (ultra violet) rays in the first few months of the tuatara’s life. The young tuatara get Vitamin D from the UV rays, which helps them grow into healthy adult tuatara.But wait there's more:- They are capable of holding their breath for nearly an hour

  • Tuatara have one of the slowest growth rates of any reptile

  • Tuatara keep growing until they are about 35 years old

  • They will share burrows with birds, but a male might bite off a baby bird’s head if it is hungry – which doesn’t make it a very good house guest!

Anyhuu, enough nature talk (NZ Natural History 101), I put a heap of old gardening stuff on the footpath (er, I think some of you call it the pavement) with a "Free Stuff" sign and it all went -yipee, infact some kind soul (who took most of it) gave me $10 for it!!  That's the second time, at my garage sale I had a "free to good home" sign on my fish (gold fish and inanga - a native NZ fish) and that person actually paid too!  I would much prefer to give stuff away than to put it in a landfill.



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You're moving to Korea?!?!? Omg, I'm so happy for you! Good luck!!!
about 13 years ago
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I have cloaca envy now
about 13 years ago
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Well that's one way to do Spring Cleaning. Ooops, Fall Cleaning for you. Guess you're going to miss the NZ winter. Congratulations on gaining your freedom, at least for a bit!
about 13 years ago
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poor tuatara ~~it lost the most happiest thing in the world:P oh, i know that maybe the reason it can survive till nowIOI
about 13 years ago
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cool. i like it that it grows until 35 years old. i might even make it my mascot for that reason. they said i'd have a long childhood b/c of my big forehead, and i do believe i still feel like a kid. i got a year left as a tuatara... nice blog title, btw. so when are you leaving for seoul? can't wait to read your blogs from there.
about 13 years ago
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Oh wow, the Tuatara is fascinating. I'd love to of held one. Aw I'm glad your fish got a home. Likewise, I'd rather see things be given for free and reused then thrown on a dump. It's exciting to see how close it is getting to Korea. Enjoy your time leading up to the departure date.
about 13 years ago
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Just yesterday I was at the pet store touching some some scaly lizard-type creatures. Definitely not something exotic like your tuatara. How kind of the people to leave a little change for taking your free stuff. I always think it's best to re-use, recycle or give away (sell) if you can. ;D
about 13 years ago
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Lol@ Boon's comment hahah. Speaking of sayings there's one here that says 'hung like a bull'. So I guess it would not be good news to hear a guy is 'hung like a tuatara' bwahahah. *Ahem*...I'm going now. Sorry for being naughty. Like lots things around here it's all Boon's fault! j/k He makes me laugh every time I read something he writes.
about 13 years ago
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Wow...things are changing quick for ya! I'm so glad I'm not a female tuatara...where's the fun in that?
about 13 years ago
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Oh my gosh, Jaine... everything seems to be picking up the pace for you! ^^ Interesting about the tuatara.. I had never heard of it until now.. thank you for the information!! ^^
about 13 years ago
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Wow....seems 2008 is the year for everyone! First elle75 then asianchick100 changing her job/getting married, now you! Best of luck with your move to Korea. I think you will enjoy being in Asia. As for the 'No penis' comment lol! It reminds me of the famous British quote: 'Made you look, made you stare, made you lose your underwear!' ;))
about 13 years ago
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i love the little snoopy happy dance! hehe...
about 13 years ago
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Petting Colombian boas, lizards, turtles, chinchillas is not a regular thing - was at a field trip.
about 13 years ago
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hehee... you're doing the snoopy dance too... I wonder who will the dance pass on to next? hahaa... =) wow, such interesting info.. ;)
about 13 years ago
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For some reason, your page isn't building correctly so I'll comment on your blog: So, you like a man with strong arms and hands? haha! Don't we all.... ;-) I told Patrick on his blog when he "cut the fat" that I would be talking about him in every blog. hee hee! Now it's up to me to remember to stick in a little dig in each blog.
about 13 years ago
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thanks for the info.. very interesting to kno
about 13 years ago
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I remember this girl I once knew said she wanted to turn her ex-boyfriend into a tuatara. I always assumed she wanted to cut his penis off(you know, since they don't have any). I wonder what ever did happen to that crazy girl hehe.
about 13 years ago
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Say hey for the Snoopy dance of joy! I can't believe it was so expensive to courier your documents to Korea. I guess you will have to wait to hear back from them before you set your departure date? You sound like you're ready to go now. Enjoy what you can of Nelson while you still can. Thanks for the lesson on the tuatura. What an very interesting species! Must've been cool to hold one :) Glad to hear your fish got a new home! I've been cleaning too and just took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill.
about 13 years ago
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thanks for sharing your studies. ive once heard about the third eye and you explaind about it. solved. haha well when are you going to Korea? totally didnt know you quit your job. take care.
about 13 years ago
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I donate all my junk to a local Goodwill store. With electronic items such as printers, we'll just leave them out on the street and someone always snatches them up right away, even if they're broken.
almost 13 years ago


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