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missed you all

Hi folks

sorry I have been awol for so long, being a AnDholic was interfering with my job searching and I thought I would not come on until I had found full time work, well I still haven't found full time work but I am working part time in a bookshop - which I totally love

I hope everyone has been well, I have missed you all very much!  I don't have much other news - my daughter is learning the accordian, I am learning the bodhran (Irish drum) and penny whistle.  I tell ya, it's the height of cool in my house.  I have acquired another teen who now lives here (as you do) and work on my property is going very very slowly (it's a finance thing).  All is good though and I hope you are all well too.

At the moment it is the Nelson Arts Festival so here is a couple of photos of the Mask parade that opens it (done mainly by local schools).

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Jrs 8c 1405439596528
I have missed you so much and dreaded the worse. But, that's me...a worry wart! I'm glad you're back and checking in on us! We missed you!!!!
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Miss you too =) Great that you found a job that you like!
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Nice pictures!!~ How's things in Nelson?? It's good to see that the parade wasn't dampened by the rain! I wish I could see some sun in Wellington!! (^_^) The bodhran sounds fun!! How's that going?? Hope you have a nice long weekend! (any plans?) Take good care!
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hello stranger.......... finally a post by you.. lol........ i'm glad u found a job at the book store....
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nice pictures!
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it's great to hear from you... sounds like fun to work at the bookshop. but hope you'll find the full-time job soon. good luck!!! =D
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What a large number of participants. When the weather warms, the enjoyable outdoor festivities begin. I luv it.
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welcome back, Jaine!!! miss you too~~ that festival looks funny. have you ever particiated in it with some mask? i wish i could have worked in bookshop. nice job : )
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welcome ,, you not exist long time,, how are you?
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
welcome back!
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welcome back!... i've been pretty MIA on AnD lately too..ehhe.. trying to get back at it. Nice pics!
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Great to hear from you too! Yeah I've been busy too lately....as of this September I'd taken up distributorship of a brand of fineart inkjet paper in HK (I'm the main disty for the HK and Macau markets) so I'm really busy at the moment! Hope you find work but most importantly, enjoy life too! ^^
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Sh'es done a good job, parade looks fun. Hoping all goes well for you Jaine :), I want to hear you play the penny whistle, love the sound of it.
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Wouldn't mind working at a bookstore myself ~ congrats on at least having part time work!!! :)
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