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Melbourne Cup

As millions of Americans are getting up and hopefully going to vote (if they haven't already), Kiwis and Aussies watched the Melbourne Cup.  WTH is that well....

The Melbourne Cup is Australia's major annual thoroughbred horse race. Billed as , it is for three-year-olds and over, and covers a distance of 3,200 metres. It is generally regarded as the most prestigious "two-mile" handicap in the world. The event is held on the first Tuesday in November by the Victoria Racing Club, on the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. This day was traditionally only a public holiday within metropolitan Melbourne, but is now also observed as a holiday in the entire state of Victoria, and since 2007 also in the Australian Capital Territory[1].

My mother, my daugther and I went to a nice pub and watched it there and had a nice meal.  (it was made even  better because somebody thought my daughter was my sister  ).  It is fun we make silly bets and lots of women were wearing silly (but fun) hats.  Great

photos from the Melbourne Cup

 Just why is the hat thing associated with the races, surely this is not just an Antipodean (kiwi and aussie) thing?

Of course tomorrow is Guy Fawkes so tomorrow, if you don't know what that is....

Guy Fawkes ( 13 April 157031 January 1606) sometimes known as Guido Fawkes, was a member of a group of English Roman Catholic revolutionaries who planned to carry out the Gunpowder Plot.

Although Robert Catesby was the lead figure in thinking up the actual plot, Fawkes was put in charge of executing the plan for his military and explosives experience. The plot was foiled shortly before its intended completion, as Fawkes was captured while guarding the gunpowder. Suspicion was aroused by his wearing of a coat, boots and spurs, as if he intended to leave very quickly.

Fawkes has left a lasting mark on history and popular culture. Held in the United Kingdom (and some parts of the Commonwealth) on November 5 is Bonfire Night, centred on the plot and Fawkes. He has been mentioned in popular film, literature and music by people such as Charles Dickens and John Lennon. There are geographical locations named after Fawkes, such as in the Galápagos Islands and Guy Fawkes River in Australia.  In Aussie (some places anyway) celebrate it earlier because of the risk of forest fires.  In NZ fireworks are the traditional means of celebrating it.

I like the professional fireworks displays better so I will take K and her friends to one and we will have a picnic.  It will probably be held on the weekend though.   Every year some dickheads get careless and people get injured and burn down homes etc.  Heres hoping that doesn't happen this year.

So America is voting.  The race issue in the elections is rather big, I was wondering, if Obama was white and McCain was black - who would you vote for?


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thats crazyyy
about 12 years ago
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I'd vote for whomever's position was closer to mine. It's crazy how crazy the Mccandidate's messages have become - they're using whatever scare tactic they can to try to win the on-the-fencers. Today is a very exciting day. You know...when I personally thought Gore would win that election, he didn't. I'm a little anxious about what will be the outcome come 15 hours from now. I enjoy fireworks as much as the next person. I like them big and booming and lots. Enjoy!
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Great hats. It's good to know about the Melbourne Cup. The black/white reversal, to me is a bit complicated b/c I definitely believe that the reason the truth (imho) pours from Obama is because he lived it. I actually do like McCain, too - I don't dislike him - but I think it's a matter of priorities.
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wow... this entry kinda speaks like a foreign language to me b/c I didn't know about Melbourne Cup or Guy Fawkes... o.O hahaa... good question at the end... =D
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hmm... I guess you can say that for me, the race issue was never really an issue for me... hahaa... =D but yea, like you said it is a big issue...
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"V for Vendetta" ~ love that take on Guy Fawkes :) Ya know, it really bothers me about the racial thing in this year's presidential election ~ after all, Obama's MOTHER'S family IS WHITE ...
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It's interesting how ladies wear those fancy hats to the horse races. It's a big thing at the Kentucky Derby in the States too. I wonder how that tradition got started. Enjoy the fireworks for GF. Hopefully it will go off w/o incident. I vote based on whether I agree with the candidate's stand but I think the race issue is an interesting one in this election. I would vote for Obama regardless because he means change. Gawd I sure hope no one is voting for McCain cause he has a female running mate. She is an embarrassment to our gender.
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Great blog, my friend. Lots to cover! My hometown, Louisville, KY, is famous for the Kentucky Derby horse race in May, and they have huge hats for that, too, and special, wonderful foods. Guy Fawkes figured prominently in a movie called V for Vendetta..the mask really creeped me out at first. If McCain were black and Obama were white, I'd still have voted for Obama based on the issues. I do, however, understand the symbolic importance of Obama as the first viable black candidate. Election returns are still coming in here in the US--exciting!
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learned something new today... thanks =) OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!! =) yeah, i was crying (happy tears) when it was announced he won- and i'm not even american! =)
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i love them all .. lolol
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I think the hat thing started in England as one noble woman tried to out do another...it was the Red Carpet of the times. Hats are still really big in the USA for the Triple Crown races (The Kentucky Derby, The Pimlico Stakes and the Belmont Stakes) but most notably the Kentucky Derby. You rock, you pretty young thang! haha!
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