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love and bras

I was having a few wines with a friend of mine (K)  on Friday when the son of her boyfriend (M) told me I looked like a boy in a skirt - lol.  So to answer MindyG's question I think I will grow my hair some more.  Then M told me it was better to look like a boy in a skirt than to look like a man in a skirt  Still, 12 year old boy is not really I look I aspire to

K and M have been together for over a year now but interestingly they celebrated their 23rd anniversary on New Year's Eve as they were together when we were at school.  They broke up after a year together - to my relief coz M hit on me (and probably other friends of K aswell) and I thought he was a jerk (well, he was a jerk).  After both having children to other people and relationships that haven't worked out they are back together after 20 years apart (and M is no longer a jerk).  hehe  I think it is meant to be.  love love love.  K is Maori and M is Pakeha (white) but K's girls are bi-racial as is M's son.  When out in public people think that they are all one family.  I hope someday they are. 

Speaking of bi-racial families my good friend elenahapasmama has started a website for parents of bi-racial children or adopted children of different ethnicities.  As a parent of a bi-racial girl (Maori/Pakeha) I think it is a great site with heaps of potential.  Check it out  www.hapasmama.com

okay you know my undies were pinched off the line yesterday, well that included my running bra - oh man, I was so pissed off, I have had this bra ten years (informercial coming on) and it was still really supportive.  Thankfully they are still made - yippee, after serious online searching I found the company that still makes them in Aussie.  Seriously for any of you gals who like (or just do) running - I highly recommend them www.bellabustiere.com.au 

hmmmm, I noticed the boys were very quiet in my panty thief blog.....   when I was at boarding school (a long time ago, in a far away place) we got really sick of boys from our 'brother'  school raiding our clothes lines and nicking bras and undies so early one morning a friend and I nicked out (ah, the days when the doors weren't alarmed) and broke into one of the Boy's College boarding houses and stole all the underwear we could find (which wasn't much).  Maybe yesterday was my karma. 

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You're so cute! lol, great they are still made. =)
almost 13 years ago
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You were a wild one. haha. I think I would've joined in on that undies pilfering.
almost 13 years ago
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LOL!!!! thats the craziest thing I ever heard! Love you!!!
almost 13 years ago
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Oh my gosh Jaine you are suppose to buy new bras every three years because they stretch out. I buy them all year round. What can I say, I love pretty undies. I still think you might have a secret admirer. That is such a good idea about the web for children who are mixed race. I am, so I understand the whole situation.
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I buy bra's every month.. :( they do not last long
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LOL~stole all the underwear ??that's crazy~haha~ but they deserved this !thanks for sharing the website ,really cool~
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sunny and Jeanne I know but this bra hadn't stretched at all - it was brilliant and was just as supportive as the day I got it. I only used it for running (which hasn't been very regular over the 10 years). It had faded abit but the support was sweet as.
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Great idea by elenahapasmama, I think children with a mixed ethical background are gorgeous, and hated it when they were teased at highschool, It made me realise how proud I was to have parents that taught me everyone is equal. I hope you can get another of the Bella Bustiere sports bras, it's hard to get a decent sports bra that is comfy and supportive. I remember you telling me about raiding the guys underwear, likewise with peachey I would of joined you!
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best wishes to ur firends K&M its incredible they get back together after such a long time . well i hope they will cherish the late love and live happily after ever haha.
almost 13 years ago
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Choco Kiwi, you know what...I think you look good in any hairstyle : )
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So funny about the reverse raid. Glad you found a place to get a replacement for your sports bra. Some of the most beautiful people I've seen have been people of mixed races. It's how the world is meant to be imo.
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Grow your hair & buy lots of girly undies & bras! Too funny about the guys' undie raid!
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i think the boys stole the undies because they are perverts...and i guess being stuck in a all boys school makes them bored to death that they would do anything to amuse themselves..
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Great for your friends K & M to find each other again after so long!!! ^.^ That's really cool about the hapamama's site ~ I took a peek at it. :) About the sports bra ~ I found some really comfy T-back front closure bras by Vassarette at the local Wal-Mart ~ they fit so well, and are comfy enough for anything that i bought several and tossed my old ones!!! ^.^
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hahaha... lol at your last paragraph there! glad things worked out for your friends. a 12-year-old boy?! nah... and here i was thinking that your hair has grown so much since the shaving! =/
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Lol, i was once misunderstood by my teacher cause she thought i was boy there>_<~ and your hair is growing now, soon, you will get a new long hair again^_^
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it's always fun to see how things work out considering the past... interesting...
almost 13 years ago
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Your face is too feminine for you to look like a boy. I like your fuzzy head :) That's so great about your friends. I hope that they will be able to celebrate another 23 yr. anniversary down the road. I checked out Elena's site and told some friends about it. Cool stuff.
almost 13 years ago
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Wonderful about your friends K and M. How sweet to be reunited after all that time! Send them my way...Elena
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