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laptop and Nelson

Has anybody ever had a laptop not go after a long flight.  Ours wont even power up, it wouldnt turn on properly in Shanghai but once we got to Korea there is no power at all.  It was fully charged before we came.  I can't plug it in until my universal adaptor arrives.  I was just wondering if anybody else had experienced this and if so what did you do to rectify it.

Some time ago I made a youtube video about Nelson for when I was away.  I had taken more photos that I wanted to add to it but they are all on my laptop....   Hopefully I haven't lost all our music and pictures.   Anyhuu this was the first draft, some of the photos are double ups and a couple are just random fillers...  but this is my home town.



oh and I hope everybody who went had a great time at the AnD birthday bash, I look forward to the photos and blogs and hope there aren't too many nursing serious heavy duty hangovers.

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Yay! I'm the first to post a comment. Jeremy and I were oohing over how beautiful NZ is. We are so wanting to visit you there someday! Bummer about the laptop....hope it starts making sense soon.
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I don't have a laptop. Good luck with that, though!
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Hey Happy belated Mothers Day =) Hugs
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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
I think I'm going to have that song in my head for the rest of the week. lol.
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Can't say I had that problem with my traveling laptop. Hope the machine is okay.
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Hmm, did you use it on the plane? Maybe the whatever it is that happens that makes them ask people to turn such equipment off during takeoff and landing happened when you had it on? Haha, did you even get that?
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Wow love the montage video, nicely done. Wish I could help with the laptop problem hon but I've only ever borrowed laptops, don't have a clue about them, hope it works out.
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I honestly don't like laptops.. they don't last a long time....... and the battery's die on you after an hour or so........ that's why i don't bring it with me when i travel.. it's just extra baggage
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great montage... =) sorry can't help you with the laptop problem... but hope you'll get it up and running soon...
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I have a feeling that Vista is to blame for your laptop problem. Was looking online and people have mentioned similar problems of booting up and Vista is known for draining battery life quickly, so all the power might have been eaten up when you used it in Shanghai.
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sorry can't help your laptop.just hope it will run soon.
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i wasn't able to go to the AnD bash... =( i was in bali/ honeymoon... how've you been? i've finally relocated to HK and i'm finished with the 2 weddings! hehe...
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I think electronics are just temperamental in their own way. Hope the problem gets sorted out. What a nice picture tribute to Nelson. It looks like such a lovely place. I guess you can just look at this when you miss it.
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