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Kiwi in Korea 8 - Miryang & strangers in my house...

Feeling a bit better but Kahurangi is going home.  I will change her tickets today and in three weeks she is going home.  I will stay a bit longer and look for work in Wellington.  I like Korea but my daughter is my priority.  I can always come back but maybe I will try somewhere else - who knows.

Went to an expat bbq in Miryang (about 40 minutes east of here) on Saturday.  Was a great night but I drank far too much red wine (found a nice Australian Cab Sav at Home Plus).   It was nice to speak English at a normal pace and talk to others who are here.  They were all so lovely and the couple whose bbq it was (he was Amercian, she is from Peru) put K and I up for the night as the last bus to Yeongsan was at 6pm (ah the joys of living in the sticks).

Weird dreams - okay any dream interpreters on AnD - I need your advice.

I am having a re-occuring dream.  The theme is always the same though the details differ.  Last night was the 3rd or 4th time I have had this dream in the last couple of weeks.  In my dream I live in a typical NZ wooden house.  This house is divided into two flats.  The neighbour in the other flat tells me that there is someone living in my roof and coming downstairs and stealing food and going through our stuff when I am not there or at night.   The first time I dreamed this dream, it was me who could hear footsteps upstairs.  Everytime I dream it I remember the other dreams in my dream (if that makes sense) and they seem to corroborate that somebody is living in secret in my roof.   Last night was the first time I have woken up feeling scared because of this dream. 

what the hell does it mean.....



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About the dream, i'd say that it reflects you are missing New Zealand and from what I can make out this stranger in the house represents Korea and your own mind wanting to return to NZ. Best Wishes to you both. I'm glad Kahurangi at least gave it a try, she's a brave kid.
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I'm not sure, but that's very cinematic. It reminds me of a 70's show I saw about a guy living in a woman's house. It was called, "Bad Ronald!" If I were you, I would actually check out your living quarters and make sure there's nothing sketchy going on. The manifest dream content is never something to be looked over. The symbolism, on the other hand... I don't know. But sounds like you guys had a good trip, so have a safe journey home!
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Wow. Just read Joanne's interpretation of the dream. It's amazing that's what she got out of it. That would never had occured to me. In saying that, I'm not a dream interpreter! Working in Wellington sounds good. I'm here for another 8 months, so we can finally meet up.
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At least you guys gave it a shot, and it will be something for your memory book .. very kind of your hosts to put you up for the night after their bbq :) Abt the dream .. I have no clue what it means, unless Joanne has the right of it ..
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Yiiikes. Maybe since you've decided to return to NZ, your subconscious is telling you (bc you already know) that this place (Korea) isn't your home. Something like that. haha. Wacky analysis. Sorry things aren't working out. Fish out of water and all. Maybe another time. Maybe?
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At least you've been there, done that. Back in NZ starts another chapter of your life =) My interpretation is the stanger in the house is you or your daughter and the house is Korea. It's not your home but seaching for a reason to stay. Or perhaps you feel like a total stranger in Korea?
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hmm... I think the dream interpreters here have said it well... =) sorry things didn't quite work out... but agree with CheekyShooky... back to NZ will be a new start, a new chapter.. =)
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It's time for you to follow your heart and uncovers a new experience back in NZ.
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it probably doesn't mean anything......... and you probably thought about it when you were awake, that's why u dream about it.. i had this re-occuring dreams as well
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So that's decided. Maybe your dream is expressing what you've already expressed verbally. Being in Korea you're losing your self. Your language, your food, your comfort zone. You weren't ready to give it up or immerse yourself so maybe it feels like someone is secretly stealing. I think if you travel you either feel at home or don't. Some places I feel like an outsider, other places I feel like I've been there before. You and K should be together. She needs her mom but you had this experience together. I hope it doesn't sour her on experimenting. It's good to be adventurous, but sometimes the experiment fails. So what? Just do it again!
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Kahurangi gave it a good go and it's good that she has something to look forward to now. Like you said you can always try doing something like this again - if not in Korea, maybe somewhere else. Glad you enjoyed the ex-pat bbq and got to hang with some nice people :) I'm no expert on dream analysis but I would agree with the others that this must have something to do with how you've been feeling about your work/living situation and homesickness. Maybe it'll go away now that you've made a decision about things.
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oh , about the deams , I guess you have been homesick , or worring a lot , or you dont feel safe in the neighbourhood .
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an old chinese said what you dream is what you thought during daytime. but,i think it might be pressure.
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So....is any of your food missing? I don't know what that dream means....
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Yeah, if your daughter is set on going it's for the best. They need us for such a brief time really in the course of their life, it's only right to make them the most important thing as you do. Time will come all too soon when it'll be 'Mom who?. Good luck with the job search. :)
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