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Kiwi in Korea 4 - Korean wrestling.

Yesterday Youngsan High School had its sports day.  It was a day the principal was hoping the students would enjoy because this year the boys and girls high schools have merged to become one school.  It was great, the school houses (though I'm not sure if they have school 'houses' like they do in the UK and NZ) looked really colourful and the backdrop of green mountains was lovely, the parents provided a beautiful lunch, it was a real community affair (it's days like yesterday that make me glad I came to the country).  K was invited so I made her come to watch, haha, I'm a mean mum.

The boys played soccer:

The girls played Dodge Ball (I didn't know that any country outside of the US actually played this)

There was Korean wrestling (both boys and girls partook), it looked like serious fun and K and I both thought they should introduce it into NZ school sports days; no Athletics Day should be without it. 


This run along peoples' backs thing looked fun too:

It's not a sports day without the tug of war:

Assembled for prize giving (such a pretty sports field)

The teachers are treated out to dinner by one of the parents.   This is sol (again my spelling is probably way off - please feel free to correct it) galbi.  It was delicious!!!

Did you like your sports days at school, I was always happy to dress in my house colour (purple) and cheer like a mad thing   http://www.ncg.school.nz/oldgirls/documents/JubileeCollage1bswim.pdf  but made my self scarce when it came time to actually participate in a sport.  I was more of an arts student.   How about you?

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Some interesting things they play over there. Wrestling? Too rough for me! Running on the backs. Balance required, I suppose. haha. We didn't have a sports day at our schools. Have you discovered any favorite students? Any teacher's pets?
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Oh what a great sport's day, although they'd cry in agony with me running along their backs. I'd love to of done Korean wrestling. Ours was always, boys only. Actually at school I was awful at sports, only because I wasn't allowed to do Rugby and Wrestling...maybe my mind rebelled and told the legs to shut down. I used to like the sack race and Egg & Spoon race though. :D
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Photo 5614
oh yea, we used to have something similar... we call it "Field Day" we all take a field trip to a park and there would be like 6-7 different events set up and we'd rotate to all the different events... it was fun!!!!~ but I don't remember anything outstanding that I did... hahaa...
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They had a Field Day at my school too, not as varied & fun, mostly track sports. At one point I deluded myself into thinking I might throw the javelin & the shot put till I saw how far people who could actually do it made it go haha. Nah, I was best at cheering people on while lying back sunning myself on the grass munching on a twig. This sounds like a good way for you to meet the students tho! Have you started teaching yet? Sorry if you already answered & I missed it. :)
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Jrs 8c 1405439596528
What happened to Kiwi in Korea 4? haha! Oh, I would so have been in every competition I could get myself into! I love competing!!! Great blog...go team! =D
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c c
lol.. that looked like a fun day!
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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
We don't have sports days in the U.S., but I've been to a few in Japan and they're lots of fun. Sounds like you're acclimating ...
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Sports have been my life. Basketball and baseball were my first loves. Then came tennis. Now I have wushu. =)
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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
hmm .. i wonder who introduced cass to wushu class ... he must be a super cool guy with lots of awesomeness ...
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Photo 43083
No sports day at my school .. track & field meets, however .. I was a runner back in the day .. miss it bunches !!
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Photo 42904
Dodge Ball is popular here too. but girls do not play sumo.haha your pic reminds me my girls school sports days called 運動会. was good at obstacle race;P
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Looks like a fun day. I like the bright shirts. They never had sports day at my school but then I went to a math and science high school where the emphasis was on academia and getting into a good college. We did have to pass PE in order to graduate however. Looking back now, I wish there was more of an emphasis on sports. I would've been rubbish at them though. How's your Korean coming along?
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Photo 35692
Wow, this is so great! I was never good at sports, but field day (as we called it in the US) was fun. I enjoyed running the events as a teacher, too! One school decided that field day should be limited to music, art, and gym time instead of the whole day, and that was sucky. The Korean wrestling looks like such fun!
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Photo 83324
c c
Haha.. yeah the only sport I was ever good at was soccer.. and even then i didnt play it right, alot of it consisted of body tackling.. and the guys had bruises all over their legs... I could never kick that ball!!...everyone fought to be on my team.. i think they were scared of me. lol
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I got told that they learn American English in Korea, maybe thats why ! hmm seems you are having a great time in Korea ! did you pick up any korean words ?
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Photo 23902
these photographs are really wonderful. you know, you're quite a good photographer.
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