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Kiwi in Korea 3 - pizza with fries

Howdy everyone. hope you are all fine and dandy.

Had pizza tonight, we thought we would try the vegetarian pizza, it came with fries - litterally, they were on the pizza, under the cheese.  Weird never tasted so good.  I bought fizzy that I was hoping was lemonade but it turned out to be a really nice cider instead, both K and I really enjoyed it and I hope to find it in the supermarket.  Everybody thinks K is my sister until I spell out she is my daughter (very good for the ego I must say).

Met the grade one Middle School kids I will be teaching yesterday.  They are so cute.  It was introductions and they were asking lots of questions, how old are you is the first usually followed by how tall are you and lots of gasps at 175cm lol (actually I'm 174.7 but I round up ^_~).  Hehe, one class was confused that I had a daughter but had never been married and thought I should marry Mr Lee one of the English teachers.  ha.  One girl asked if I was overweight and I said a little bit, I went on to say I had lost 15 kgs and she was oh I'm sorry (for being rude and asking) but actually it didn't bother me in the slightest.  I'm just so glad to have lost it, I couldn't give a rat's patootie who knows.

My daughters bed arrived today (we have been sharing), I nearly choked on my laughter (which I kept to myself until I was alone in my flat) when I saw the bedding they have provided for her - it is all pink and floral, my girl is punk/goth/emo.

Now I have been reimbursed for my flight and paid everybody here back, hopefully I can get some oil and have hot water.  Cold showers are all very well (it is warm here) but nothing beats a hot shower.

K is finally getting better at going outside, realising the value of a small bow and smile, honestly lots of people stare but at small bow and smile (and I say annyounghaseyo) they smile and say hello back and sometimes stop and talk (usually in Korean) and often shake my hand.   Very sweet.

The local kids still run after me saying "hello, my name is..., how are you, fine thank you, goodbye" (the extent of their english) and giggling hysterically when I reply.  I don't mind though, I think it's endearing.

Well its half way through the week, I hope you are all surviving  only two more days until the weekend! 

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Our school year here in the Northern Hemisphere is just winding down. Are your classes just beginning? Do they study in the summer? Maybe K can reinvent herself there. You know, not among her established peers, she can try anything, be anyone, experiment. I'm not saying she'll end up in toile but you never know!
almost 13 years ago
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it's surprising that Korea has such good Pizzas........ When I went to Asia.. all the american chain stores catered to Asia's taste.. like pizza hut, KFC, McD.. etc....... even tho i'm asian.. i thought it was a little odd tasting.. lol
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Fries and pizza, weird combination. I'd definitely try it if I get the chance to go to Korea. Good that you're settling in =)
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Hey Jaine, I love reading your adventures in korea hehe, kisses for u and ur beloved ones!
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french fries IN the pizza, eh... how interesting is THAT! kekeke... glad it tasted good! the kids sound really cute... =) glad to hear your daughter's adjusting as well =)
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HAHAA about your daughter's bed... so what was her reaction? =) glad everything is coming along fine... ;)
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Never would have thought of that combo either, but it does sound yum, and more efficient to have two dishes in one. Less droppage of the fries, which I'm famous for since I'm a piggie who dips 'em in ketchup & eats them with my fingers. He he. Glad to hear your starting to settle in. I bet it won't be long till you have friends there! You have a great personality & will be a good teacher for the kids since you don't mind answering questions. :)
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Pizza tastes good with almost any topping. I like eating cold pizza more than hot/warm. Is that strange? You'll be teaching kids to speak English with a kiwi accent. English is English, am I right or am I right? haha.
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Would you give someone a rat's patootie if you could? Hehe!
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Fries on pizza.. can we say "carbo-loading" ? hehe.. bet my brother's would LOVE it !!!
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haha,the children are cute there. glad to hear you and your daughter are well now. wish you everything will keep going well. and share more fun about your experience there
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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
hang in there! thanks for the update. dang .. you're tall.
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Hmm I don't know if I would like fries with my pizza but I'd try it. Your students sound cute - when they ask embarrassing questions at that age it's hard to fault them. Thats great and real funny about K's bed but at least you won't have to share anymore. Cold showers are actually supposed to be better and less drying for your skin. Keep that in mind as you wait to get your hot water :) Sounds like you and K are getting more acclimated - a good thing!
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Sounds like everybody's warming up to each other! Whew! I'm so happy for you. You're very brave, ya know! You gotta take a pic of that pink floral bed! =)
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Wow, this stuff is just great. Love hearing about it. Fries on the pizza...did you ever see the pictures of weird ice cream cones on Jae-Ho Chang's page? BTW, when I get done with my current freelance assignment, I'd like to do some updates to my site and I might like having you as a guest contributor....more details to come...Hugs, Elena
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My mom and I often get mistaken for sisters as well. Hehe.
almost 13 years ago
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Oh that pizza sounds very nice. I'm so pleased that K is venturing outside now, although the image of her face looking at floral pattern bedding must of been funny. You must be so chuffed with the sister comments too. The kids sound very sweet and interested in learning more about you and English, it must be quite warming of the heart. Now this Mr Lee...Is he cute?
almost 13 years ago
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haha. nice pizza.have you tried pulukogi(spelling rapping by green leaves. i like healthy korean food!
almost 13 years ago
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never eat pizza with fries, love to try one day!
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