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Kiwi in Korea 2

Okay, don't have a lot to blog about, I'm just bored and lonely (I know I have to suck it up).

Currently I'm trying to learn to read some Korean, Mark pointed me in the direction of a really helpful website http://outsideinkorea.com/inside/2006/08/readingkoreanpart_one.php 

I have found it interesting watching the behaviour of the High School students.  I like the fact that they hold hands - girls with girls and even boys with boys (though I have yet to see girls and boys hold hands with each other).  In NZ same sex students holding hands would be ridiculed for being 'gay'.  Other behaviour of the boys - I have seen them literally skip through the school yard (remember these are 16,17 and 18 year olds), mince about and wear brightly coloured nail polish.  I think it is great.  In NZ only boys who are considered a bit weird would do such things.  It is ironic that in a country that is supposedly accepting of homosexuality (like NZ) that such behaviour is social suicide whereas in a country that is supposedly (or so I have been told) quite homophobic such behaviour is perfectly acceptable.  I don't know if it makes a different that these are country kids or that this is apparently quite a traditional part of Korea.  Either way I hope the up-tight Western view of such behaviour never inflitrates here.

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It all goes back to childhood friendships.. or so my friend in Japan told me.. similar behavior there as well.. :)
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Oh I'll have to book mark that site for myself too! Yeah I must admit I've seen pictures and films that always show them holding hands and it's innocent friendship, but you're right, here in the UK it's okay for young girls up to late teens but lads at any age is a no no. Like all things, the adults usually dirty up something entirely innocent.
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Oh, so people in the more countrified parts show friendship and camaraderie a little differently than probably their urban counterparts. Skipping is cute. It's nice where they aren't inhibited by concern for what others think bc it's OK to do that stuff where they are.
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oh yea.... it's great they can do what they do without being judged...
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hmmm. it's like, there's no inhibition or judgement for them in korea... north america is like NZ... if i saw 2 teenage guys holding hands and wearing nail polish, i would probably presume they are gay. i think it's just a stereotype. =/ but yeah, let's hope they continue to express their friendship without being inhibited or influenced by the "west"... =)
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Don't be lonely. You're a dear. Don't retreat to your apartment where it's safe and familiar. That's exactly why you're NOT there. I know it can't happen overnight, but it may take a little more .... chutspa ... on your part. Go for it.
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I think in asia, it's very popular for girls to be holding another girls hand.. but guys.. i'm not so sure
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Ditto to what FD said. I know that you're in the suburbs but you're close to Busan aren't you? Are you just trying to get more settled before you and K go exploring? I think it's more acceptable in Asia for same sex friends to hold hands and whatnot. It's quite sweet IMO.
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Guys over here hit each other in the upper arm as a gesture of friendship....ow! haha!
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I love skipping through the schoolyard! Glad that your enjoying Korea, have u eaten alot of Korean BBQ yet. I bet its amazing there.
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