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Kiwi in Korea 17 - I hate goodbyes

well, as you know I have resigned but what I haven't told you is that the High School have allowed me to predate my resignation letter so I can return to NZ sooner.  They understand I am returning for parental reasons.   So I leave on Wednesday, will be in NZ by Thursday and hopefully Nelson by Friday or Saturday.  Eeek it's all happening so fast.

My internet has been disconnected so I have to sneak into the English Room to use it so please forgive me if I'm slow at reading blogs, commenting and replying to msgs.  Also youtube is barred from the school network and there is no sound in this pc.

I came into school yesterday (Saturday) to say goodbye to my students and some of my teachers (and to pay final bills - yikes).  I really don't like goodbyes, sometimes it's easier to just leave.  I am an emotional person and I found yesterday very hard.  I nearly made it through all my classes without tearing up.  I had to break for a bit before going into the last one as I nearly lost it. gah, I'm such a sap.  I go back tomorrow (Monday) because the Principal is taking me (and my co-teacher) out to lunch.  This is an honour as he did not do it with the other native english speaking teachers.

On a good note - WOOT!!! NZ finally is on the medal table, I knew it would be for rowing - thank you to the Evers-Swindell sisters.  I had told my students that our strengths were rowing and athletics (and sailing and equestrian).  So I'm relieved that we have won in some of those fields. 

Anyhuu I'm off to Bugok this morning, apparently it' has the hottest hot springs in South Korea and as it is only 15kms down the road I thought I should go before heading home.  I hope you are all enjoying the weekend!

UPDATE: went to Bugok and bought togs, lol but didn't do the hot springs thing, it's too muggy and many of my students work at Bugok Hawaii which kinda puts me off a little (and I'm not used to the nekkid in front of lots of people thing either) so I came home.  Also 78' is just too hot, geez I set the hot water at home to 65' (as recommended by Plunket (a child welfare org).



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Aw. *hugs* Your K will be happy to have her mom by her side, pushing her to do things she doesn't want t do. lol.
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Boooo, aren't you stopping by HK??? I thought you'd take a little side trip on the way. Anyway, I hope you take the opportunity to tell the principal, in a nice way, about Western sensitivities about public humiliations...that's enough to drive any good teacher away. Remember I told you about a woman I went to grad school with...she taught in Korea and hated it, absolutely never wants to go there again, ever, in her life. Terrible but true. And she was Chicano and used to a little more than her share of discrimination and SHE was insulted...so maybe there's something inherent in the employer/employee relationship which skews the dynamics of normal civility? I don't know, but it's worth a discussion. Have a safe trip home.
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OH! wow things are happening quick... but it's good... =) **HUGS** Congrats to NZ for winning... =) rowing looks pretty tough... it seems endless... hahaa....
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Yippie!!! Goin' home and be with your beloved daughter .. that's the best news I've read today!!! :D
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ooh, bugok sounds very nice. there are hot springs in taiwan, too! it's so nice that you are in touch with your feelings about leaving. that's healthiest, and it's the way to live. here's cheering for NZ rowing!
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Hello, friend...it's a bittersweet feeling, isn't it? Saying goodbye. I'm glad they're being so gracious about it. I'm glad for your adventure in Korea....what are your plans for returning to NZ? Or are they still unsure?
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I'm sure the great memories of Korea will be with you forever =)
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What's happier than being back home with the family right? Take care dear kiwi!
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Saying goodbye is always tough. I'm a total sap too.. But you get to go home to your daughter, yay!
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Awww...good byes are always sad...but you get to go home!!! And yay for getting on the medal board!!!
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I wish it was easier to just walk away, long goodbyes always get me too. That was lovely that they are letting you go home earleir, and what a nice touch by the principal, they must really appreciate what you've done. You must be pretty exicited to getting back home to see everyone. oh you have to be totally nekkid at those springs? no pants or anything!?...oh hell no, that's one thing to cross off my to do list.
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i hate saying good byes too.. but atleast you're going home.. to a place u miss~~~
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Have a safe trip back to NZ, Jaine.
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that makes two of us. Goodbye's are never easy. i hope enjoyed your stay in Korea. have a safe trip back to NZ. does this mean that you are reunited with your cats as well?
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Have a safe journey back home Jaine :)
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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Have a safe trip back!
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Goodbyes are tough but then you'll be back with K again later this week :D I'll miss your Kiwi in Korea blogs but I'm sure you'll have more adventures in the future. 78' is too hot. That doesn't sound good for the skin. I'm very modest too :P I watched the Evers-Swindell sisters win and thought of you. Nice to see NZ excelling in their fields of specialty :) Travel safely home my friend!
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Yes, goodbyes are very hard. Have a safe trip back. =)
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If you see this, here's wishes for a good trip back to NZ. Really nice the Principal took you & your co-teacher to lunch, shows how highly he thinks of you. It's wonderful there was a lot of positive stuff that happened while you were there, hopefully that's what you'll recall the most as time goes on. Take care~
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must be hard for you to say good bye to students. your staying in Korea will be something pleasant to look back on.Cheers!
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Goodbyes are difficult....I know if it were me, I'd be one swollen, red-faced individual with eyelids so swollen, I'd not be able to see! I'm looking forward to your return to NZ and happy blogs. =)
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