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Kia ora

Kia ora

I'm Jaine and where Elena and Jeremy go I must follow...

Okay I'm kidding but I don't really have anything to say (for the moment)

Actually, I lie, I do have something to say....  I just read Mousa's blog on Sunshine and he was questioned about Kiwi - did it refer to the fruit or the animal?  clears throat  Kiwi refers to a rare endagered flightless bird that is NZs national bird, don't ask me why we have a bird that cannot fly, cannot defend itself and is insanely shy and hardly ever seen as our national bird but we do. Infact we NZers are very proud of the kiwi bird, so much so that it has iconic status and we refer to ourselves as Kiwis - Mousa was referring to a New Zealand actor by the name of Cliff Curtis (who totally rocks btw).  So kiwi is a bird or a person (any person that calls NZ home, or once did).  Kiwifruit - is the fruit, please don't drop the fruit 'suffix' off the end unless you are really talking about eating a rare bird or a person...

Na mihi nui ki a koutou




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Hahaha! I totally agree with you. Back on the old site, I went into a huge rampage about the use of the word kiwi instead of kiwifruit. Haha, after that, no one dared use the word kiwi for kiwifruit ever again!
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Jaine. Thank you for backing me on that one. Now, when I go to NZ, I will be welcomed with open arms for knowing the country's slang. Mous
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Oh I see. I really didn't know that. Alrighty...I'm going to paint a kiwifruit.
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