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Kia kaha Japan

I hope you are all well - to everybody in Japan, my thoughts are with you.   Thank you so much for your assistance with NZ's earthquake last month.  I wish we could do more for you now.

Sorry I have been awol for so long - I am training to be a Primary School teacher but doing a Graduate Diploma which essentially is a degree squished into 15 months and the work load is stupendous.  I have nearly 3000 feeds so I wont be catching up with those sorry. 

Take care everyone - I finish in April and hope to be on here more after that.


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Thank you Jane. are you safe in the big earthquake? coincidentally japanese rescure team has just come back from NZ. the disaster happens one after another, helpless.. take good care of yourself. thanks for posting your sweet heart.
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so great to see you & wow have you been busy! the nerve of rl keeping you away lol. i'm sending good thoughts your way. :):)
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long time,,how are you?
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Glad you've checked in! I've only heard from 5 out of 21 friends/relatives who are in Japan ... so very worrying and frightening ... the not knowing ...
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Completely feel you on this one! Hugs from Cincinnati
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