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It's braggin time

okay, I'm going to unashamedly brag here .  Some of you may have noticed in my Trans Tasman Rivalry blog that there was a picture of my sister playing cricket in her Auckland Hearts uniform.  Well my sister has just been selected to captain the New Zealand Ateam and to play in the White Ferns (NZs national team) against England.

Woot Woot, I'm so proud of her.   She has worked really hard for a long time to get there.  The NZ Women's cricket team are payed pittance so she won't be 'professional' in the sense that its her day job but will be in the sense that she will play at the top level.


Thanks everybody for the continued support regarding my dad - he is undergoing the operation at the moment, so I am feeling a little nervous but still positive too.

I rang my 2nd mum this morning to see how she was doing - she is like me, nervous but okay.  However, she told me that yesterday the rest home that her mother (who has dementia) is in - took her out to sit in the sun and forgot about her - leaving her there - WTF.  She is so badly burnt on one arm and leg that the sunburn has blistered.   Her mother can't move (because of a fall, also in the care of this resthome) and can't call out.    They didn't even call and let my 2nd mum know what had happened.   Grrrrrrrrrr.   As if she needs that to worry about aswell.

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ill keep an eye out for her on tele when they play then... *sending a little prayer for your dad....
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That plain old sucks about the poor lady who got sunburned & couldn't speak for herself. Like you said, lots of extra stress your second Mom didn't need. Your Dad is in my thoughts & prayers. Surgery is much improved, it seems every year procedures are refined & improved. It's still a lot to go thru & I wish you & your family the best. {{hug}}. That's wonderful about your sister--I thought she had something special about her stance & swing in that pic & wasn't just a casual player!! Good for her. :)
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Blistered by the sun? Ouch! It musta been hella sunny. Poor grandma. Yay for your sis!
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Amazing news about your sister! A national honor! And good luck on your dad's operation. It's terrible they left your stepmom's mother outside. Hope she's okay and that they'll remember this in the future.
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Your blog goes from fantastic to horrific. Congrats on your sister's accomplishment and I hope she can lead her team to victory! =D I'm crossing my fingers, too, for your dad's successful operation and recovery. *hug* I am appalled by the lack of care at the nursing home for your 2nd mum's mum! That is neglect on the part of the nursing home. Can anything be done? Do you have the right to pursue legal action in NZ for neglect? I sure hope she's okay. This kind of abuse and neglect can and should be avoided. The possible bad things that happen to people in nursing homes is one reason why I try my darndest to stay healthy and alive.
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woo, your sister is cool~you muct be very proud of her~congrats to her and to you too ^_^ we will all pray for your father, he will be ok certainly so just relax, and glad that you feel positive, it will give your father courage ^_^
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Congratulation to ur sister, u sure happy rite? haha..is not easy to be national team oh..
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omg.. what's with the people at the resthome!??.. can any action be taken against their negligence?... hope your mum's mum will be freed from the pain fast.. poor lady. too prays for dad's op to be a success and speedy recovery.. also, Congrats! to your Sis.. bests of luck! hugs..
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oh dear... horrible! i hope the elderly in your life will be able to recover soon... =/ take care. congrats to your sister! i can tell you're so proud of her! and very rightly so!
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That is disgusting, too much of this 'forgetting' and neglect is happening to the elderly. I hope they get the act together. Best wishes for today. I hope everything goes well. Congrats to Ingrid, what an honor!
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My thoughts are with you. Your dad must be thrilled about your sister. Stuff like that gives people hope and those positive thoughts are healing. Your second mom should see a lawyer. If she can get her mom into another facility, then she should be able to sue this one. Step-grandmom can't be left, speechless and immobile, in the hands of the "defendant." That's a tough situation.
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I do hope that your dad's procedure went well and that he recuperates quickly. That's terrible about your 2nd mum's mum. I agree with Flagday that she should consider talking to a lawyer about what happened. At least there's some good news about your sister. You have some serious bragging rights. Her accomplishments are quite impressive. Good luck to her and her team!
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Wow your sister is great!! I really love the place in where you live!!! say hi to the orcas next time u see them;P and I will keep to ur father in my prayers, have a good day, hugzzz
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Congrats for your sister captain of the NZ team that's an accomplishment bet she will give us Brits a run for our money on the cricket pitch. Have you lot of Brits over there watching the cricket. known as the Barmy Army? What a shocking thing to happen to your 2nd mum's mother is't it terrible how the old are treated. Hopefully she will make a speedy recover from her ordeal. Glad your dad's procedure went wishing him well as he recuperates.
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Fare, paper-thin skin. Poor gramma. Hope she doesn't suffer any long-term effects from being thus sunburned.
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Your sis is a great girl. You are too. You must have a hard time now,but you have enough strength of mind to face it and still be positive. Great !! Best wishes to your family. Take care.
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awwwwwwww, hang in there . Jaine !
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wow, your sister is so great! worry about your 2nd mum's mum.how about her? The sad news in old people's facilities is often heard here. i think the social care system is poor compared with other countries and about 300 elderly persons are waiting for enter in a public facility. uuu Take care of all your family,
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Big congrats for your sis ~ way to go!!! :) Hoping all is going well for your father ~ he remains in my prayers. I hope your 2nd mum reported the incident about her mum to whatever agency oversees operations of rest homes there ~ maybe time to look for a different facility, if available. Hope they both recover from that ordeal.
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