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halloween, indoor cricket, elections and flying pubic hair

hows that for a title

Happy Halloween everyone I hope you have fun whatever you do.  I am all set, I have my candy and my girl has gone to a party up the road.  Last year I bought candy too and nobody came  - it was the first year I was prepared (Halloween is not traditional in NZ), in prior years I have had nothing and often pretended nobody was home .   This year I'm ready.

It is the Indoor Cricket world champs at the moment - my sister (who plays for NZ) is playing against Aussie tomorrow.  I know most of you probably don't know, understand or care about cricket, let alone indoor cricket, but this is my sister     Go NZ!

Good luck Obama in the coming US elections.  What most of you will not know is that we also hold elections four days after the US elections.  Of course ours are not important on the world stage but I'll still be voting

So what is this about flying pubic hair - well Liam Reid, one of the fine specimens of NZ cough has just been found guilty of murder and rape of Emma Agnew, a 20yo deaf Christchurch women and the rape and attempted murder of a Dunedin student.   His defence was that the police framed him.  Upon questioning and being asked why his pubic hair was in Emma's car he said "it could have blown in through the window".  O.o  He didn't explain why his pubes were randomly blowing down the street in the first place.  He could have said police planted it, even with the dubious question of how police would be in possession of his pubic hair, it would been more plausible.  Thank god this dangerous example of supreme stupidity is no longer on the streets.


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Hope the kids come knocking on your door or else you'll be leaving the candy till next Halloween =) and the flying pubic hair thing did caught my attention *LOL* Stupidity =0
about 12 years ago
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I think Halloween is traditional, it's just trick or treating that's not. Well, okay, honestly speaking, Halloween's not traditional, but I've noticed a lot more dress up parties in the last few years.
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Creative lie but I'm glad the police didn't buy that horse crap! So, what's the penalty for these felonies down in NZ? If they're not harsh enough, we could come up with something more suitable! ;-) I hope your sister does great in her cricket match!!! =D
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Good luck to your sister & the NZ team! What crazy lies that guy told, he's dumb as well as extremely dangerous.
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GO AUS!!! And flying pube guy...what a tosser!!! glad he's in the clink
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Good luck to sis and her team. Which is more important to NZers, the cricket championship or the election? I'd have to say there's a lot of interest in this Presidential election but if it competed with the Superbowl it would lose. Glad the sick dick is off the street. Worthless piece of humanity.
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Go, Sis! The rapist murderer gets his due.
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happy halloween
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Have a nice Halloween, Jaine! =)
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Happy Halloween!!! We don't get trick-or-treaters anymore... hahaa... before we'd turn off all the lights to pretend that no one is home. =D Good Luck to your sis on the indoor cricket!!! =) as for the flying pubic hair... HA! what an awesome explanation *shakes head* o.O
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happy halloween.. yah, last year kids didnt come to my house either.. and 5 years ago, we would always run out of candy.. in 2 hours.. this time, me and my sis got to eat all the candy.. (i havent went trick o treating in 8 years).. well more candy for ur daughter right?.. flying pubic hair. now that just screams desperate.. desperate to get out of trouble. lol.. sounds like one of the excuses i used to hear back at my old work place..
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"it could have blown in through the window"... LoL! I agree, he could have thought of better answer! The Aussies are so into their cricket. After the Shane Warne news brokeout, my liking of cricket descended even further. Having said that, I hope NZ wins! We don't really celebrate Halloween here, which is a pity, I would love to have been able to dress up into a scary old witch.
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Happy Halloween!!! We didn't have trick-or-treaters for the past three years ~ still bought treats to give out ~ good thing too ~ had a whopin' total of EIGHT ~ all TEENAGERS!!! :P Good thing that rapist-murdering tool got caught ~ I have some inventive methods for punishment of those kinda creeps ~ i.e. Native American tortures ^_~
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That happened to me one.
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I wasn't home this year. My Mom's birthday fell on Halloween this year. She goes by the Chinese calendar. I hope NZ beat Aussie! It's so darned cool that your sis plays on the natl team! I'm planning to get up early tomorrow to vote. I have a feeling this election will get a big voter turnout just as it is being so closely watched worldwide. have you ever been so interested in a US election before? I sure hope other voters want change as much as I do. The gap between Obama and McCain has been closing lately. I sure hope this Liam Reid gets just punishment for his heinous crimes.
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