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Danger Mouse vs Trans Tasman Rivalry

I was perusing my old blogs and found that my Dangermouse - the coolest cartoon hero ever  blog has received 2115 views, this greatly suprised me - though it shouldn't have, Danger Mouse really is the coolest cartoon EVER in the history of the universe and he has some stiff competition.

This was followed by my Trans Tasman Rivalry blog with 1901 views and  Kiwi in Korea 6 - Busan with 1591 views.    Pete Sweet (The Mighty Boosh) and RIP Beryl Cook trailed with 796 and 710 views respectively.

What is your most viewed blog and why do you think it is? 

Clearly if Danger Mouse was Antipodean he would be a Kiwi....

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I don't know this character. There's "Mighty Mouse", or there was MM, up here.
over 11 years ago
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Just goes to prove you were socially deprived by not growing up with Rocky and Bullwinkle. I guess Jay Ward's cold war humour was too esoteric for the land of the long white cloud.
over 11 years ago
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Yay Dangermouse!! Bit of a shock to . I'd vote for pete sweet ;) Last time I checked I think it only had 700 and something but it was 'Sexy nightshirt' blog......boy were those onlookers sorely disappointed to click and find it was a lemon two piece with pandas all over it and matching slippers lol.
over 11 years ago
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sorry that was supposed to be a "bit of a shock to see it's your most viewed"
over 11 years ago
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this mouse i've seen.. but not sure from where..... probably from my daughter watching the cartoon network..
over 11 years ago
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hmm.... I think the last time I checked on the views of my blogs... I think my blogs about Quest Crew has the most views... hahaa...
over 11 years ago
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Ya know, I've never even thought to check how many views my particular blogs have had :P
over 11 years ago
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Dangermouse :) I just did a quick check and one of my spring flower photo blogs has like 7,222 views. that's insane!
over 11 years ago
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I used to like Danger Mouse too!!! That Grub the evil toad had was cute!!!
over 11 years ago


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