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Congratulations to the two Australian kayakers - James Castrission and Justin Jones - who paddled into New Plymouth early this afternoon; they are the first two people to paddle across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand.  (although when I was at high school, one NZ foreign exhange students who went to America had her class convinced that she lived in a mud hut and paddled to Australia inorder to fly to the US     )

As they approached shore a fleet of Maori waka (canoes) greeted them, as did dozens of local kayakers.  During the past 62 days the pair have travelled more than 3,300 km and battled strong winds and tides that saw them go round in circles for part of the trip.

The kayakers paid homage to Andrew McAuley, also Australian, who perished during a solo attempt to cross the Tasman last year.

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What a great and SUCCESSFUL tribute! (Not to mention what a feat that was!)
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Wow, awesome feat by the guys, and nice that the paid homage to Andrew, and such a nice greeting they received at the shore. Hehe..Gotta love a naive people, I wonder if your classmate ever told the the truth!...I'd probably believe too, I am very trusting and awfully easy to be convinced!
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I always forget that the distance between New Zealand and Australia is far---1378 miles (2218 km). So why'd it take them 3300km? It sounds like they were over a thousand km off course (maybe they found the survivors on "Lost"). 62 days at sea in a kayak. That's pretty amazing, even just to think how they might've provisioned the journey.
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Very interesting boating contraption they had there. It's a good idea to do the dangerous sailing/paddling in a pair rather than alone.
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id never believe that story if someone told me that they lived in a hut and had to swim to australia..
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that's cool. i always admire ppl who go through these kinds of things with such determination and perseverance. it's nice that they paid tribute to their kayaking mate.
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Whoo hoo !!! Congrats to them ~ heck of a thing to do ^^
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The Tasman Sea! Ah yes, the name of the sea between New Zealand and Australia! I knew that, of course ;) Congratulations to them.
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wow,what a great! that's cool.^o^
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i congratulation to them too yes i saw them in Tv(News)
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