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blogging drunk

blogging drunk...  never a good idea but hands up whose done it?  If not done it, hand up whose read blogs and responded while drunk (this is where my hand goes up  , well tipsy anyway).

Anyhu I've had a few, I finished my admin job (lovely farwell at the pub  ) and I'm off to Christchurch for two weeks to start my training as a Primary School teacher - that's right BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID  .  Although I like working with teenagers too I would like to be trained in teaching basic numeracy and literacy skills.  In NZ secondary school teaching is targeted to subjects.

It's been summer here and my daughter and I went to outdoor screenings of  Fantasia and Some Like it Hot (Jack Lemmon rocks) which has the best (imo) film ending ever.  We missed Singing in the Rain so we rented and loved it.  I thought I would share our favourite moment from Singing in the Rain and from my all time Hollywood classic fav - High Society "What a swell party this is" by ole blue eyes and BIng Crosby.

Spoiler - this is the ending of "Some like it hot", so if you intend to watch the film, you should skip this clip.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLW5jzHsW7c




Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liSrzc_OdDw The family joke is to identify me with Blanche in this last song, whether that's cos they think I'm always mowed down by avalances or I always come fourth - I'm not sure, still, I'm a game girl so how hard can it be.

They just don't make Hollywood stars like they used to, I can't imagine Brangalina or George Clooney (I'm sorry what is the atrtaction with him?) singing "Good morning" or "Who wants to be a millionaire" or any other number of classics. 

Do you have a Hollywood classic favourite - movie or song?


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They think they're ready to release you to handle small children, eh? haha. Well, good for you! Start at the bottom w/ the weakest and work your way up to the treacherous.
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WOWWO a teacher....... have fun!!! I think i have blogged buzzed.. lol
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oh! primary school teacher. should be interesting. haha... :) hmm... not sure I have a favorite hollywood classic. =X
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I like Good Morning! It is so fun to put a phony face on an otherwise shitty morning with a perky version of that song. Actually I just watched the movie San Francisco with Gable and remarked how much he reminded me of George Clooney. I just don`t think the movies these days are focused enough on STORY. San Francisco had some very scary `special effects` of the 1906 earthquake for a 1936 movie but it was only 5-10 minutes (if that) of the movie. Now movies are focused on the special effects. I love the oldies. The ones you mentioned are great ones.
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*raises hand half way* buzzed blogging! Yes, I'm guilty of tipsy typing as well. Oh good luck. I think you'd make a great teacher! Some Like It Hot is one of my favorite movies and, you're right, it probably has the best ending of any movie ever. Sometimes seeing Jack Lemmon makes me sad. I love his work. I love Gene Kelly like most people but I adore Donald O'Connor. I think he danced acted with pure joy like Debbie Reynolds. Sentimentally, my fav scene is Make 'em Laugh. I think he was the first actor to back flip off a wall like that on screen. I think they make the stars virtually the same, the movie studio system doesn't exist therefore they're not protected like they used to be. They're also not trained. No singing or dancing classes. Plus, the 60/70s and rock operas and hippie musicals like Hair ruined the musical. Seriously. I love Hair but look Treat Williams in that movie. He and the rest of the cast look like they stink. Same with Jesus CHrist Superstar. There's nothing to lose yourself in or dream about. Who the hell would wish they were in Tommy? Do I have faves? How much time do you have? Since I've mentioned Debbie Reynolds one number from The Unsinkable Molly Brown has been in my mind. "Belly Up to the Bar" is one of my favorites because it makes me smile. The link is a Debbie Reynolds reel someone did. I've seen every last movie, lol. Belly Up to the Bar snippet comes in at 3:14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M5FiGxOiis
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thanks for sharing. i enjoyed series of thats entertainment dvd, but i have seenonly a few classic whole movies.
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I heard a silly rumor that the ubiquitous Hollyweird "they" are looking at the possibility of Leonard di Caprio playing "Ole Blue Eyes" in a bio-pic ...
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I deny all knowledge of tipsy blogging ;) All the best for the training. Primary School Children are where I'd turn by teaching too. I totally agree with you about Hollywood Stars, I miss the likes of Cary Grant and my personal favourite James Stewart. I miss the innocence of many of the films and quite frankly I miss the acting. Christopher Lee once said that in today's hollywood the only true thespian out of the younger stars is Johnny Depp, which I do have to agree with. I loved Some Like it Hot, such a funny film. I'd say my favourite classic is Harvey with Jimmy Stewart and my favourite musical would probably be The King and I (Rocky Horror would actually win it outright). I just think the films of old and the stars of old were far more talented due to a lot of limitations and reliance on the actors themselves. Favourite song from a movie is Paul Robeson's 'Ole Man River'. I could go on for Aeons here Jaine so I'll stop now :D
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Jaine, Hope it all goes well for you, I guess raising a daughter makes you patient enough to teach kids as we were all little angels ourselves. :)
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I have absolutely NO IDEA whether or not Leo can sing :P
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i'd missed this blog, no wonder it's all news to me where you've been. drunk, sober, or even in-between you're hilarious lollll. best wishes as you continue with your studies, kids will be lucky to get you for their teacher.
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