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Black Sheep and Red Moons

Got to rent a couple of new release dvds on the weekend to watch with my girl .  We watched Black Sheep and 300 .  I'm sure you all know 300, I didn't expect to enjoy it, and it was a bit gory and macho for me, but that said, I did enjoy it ! (David Wenham rocks, as do Spartans with Scottish accents )

Black Sheep is a NZ black comedy, its supposed to be a comedy horror, but it is not very scary (or I wouldn't have watched it) and the gore (and it is gory) is not very realistic.  It is about genetically modified sheep that develop a taste for meat and the people they eat turn into weresheep.   It was really silly and I really enjoyed it.  I think also I just enjoy watching NZ stories in movies, there is only 4 million NZers, not many of us globally speaking, so we don't get to see alot of our stories, most of our telly and movies is British, American and Australian.  I like watching other peoples stories too, its just nice to see your own sometimes.

Tonight my daughter is at a JD (Junior Dance), I go and pick her up soon, it will be about the time tonight's lunar eclipse is at its most viewable.  I am looking forward to seeing the moon red , I have never seen it red before.

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Oh, I've been wanting to see that! Doesn't revengeful sheep just sound like so much fun?! I couldn't be bothered watching the moon. I remember lying in bed and at around 11pm, my mum started yelling out that you could really see a red moon, but by that time, I was semi-asleep and didn't want to pull myself out of bed in case I couldn't get back to sleep. Didn't look very red to me at around 9:30. My sister said it did, but it still looked bright white to me!
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That Black Sheep movie sounds kind of campy. Hubby watched 300 w/o me. I had to pass because it just looked so fantastically violent and I'm such a wuss. Did you enjoy that red moon? What shade was it?
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Sounds like good old fashioned movie fun....
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lol I saw the trailer or Black Sheep, very funny until it got to a point where it looked like beastiality. eekk....but I had a blast watching it! :)
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