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being schmucky

Yep that's right I am total schmuck.  I gave my notice today at the High School and I feel totally sick about it (but not as sick as I would feel if  I didn't when I know when I needed to be home being a mother).

Why am I a schmuck - coz I pretty much burst into tears.  Yip being the staunch stoic type that I am choke, gag, cough.

So in 5 weeks I should be home (30 days notice, a few days travel and maybe (if I can squeeze it in) a couple of days in HK).  Part of me feels relieved while another part feels sad.

like I said - schmuck

(please note, I actually don't mind beign a schmuck, I am used to it and don't (often) see it as a bad thing).

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If a total schmuck is for caring, then yeah count me as one too!. You're bound to feel sad about leaving the school, but you were sad about your daughter too, and at the end of the day she is your priority. I bet she can't wait to see you.
almost 13 years ago
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Whatever decision you made, I am sure it's the right one. We support you. I am sure there will be more opportunities waiting back home for you.
almost 13 years ago
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You're not a schmuck .. you're a caring mom who misses her child .. Best wishes for your return home :)
almost 13 years ago
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What's a schmuck?
almost 13 years ago
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Of course you feel a bit ambivalent, but the decision you made was the one you had to make. You had a great three month experiment and you probably made a great impression on a lot of students. But, as a mom I understand your priority. You started this experiment by unburdening yourself of a lot of things which tied you to a place, a place you love but still. So what's next hon??
almost 13 years ago
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Nothing wrong with being a shmuck. Family comes first.
almost 13 years ago
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i guess i shall say.. WELCOME HOME!!!
almost 13 years ago
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why do you feel like a schmuck? i think it's okay. i guess i was used to how in china, english teaching jobs all lasted a month for me. you were a great teacher!
almost 13 years ago
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It must be hard being apart from your daughter, so it's definitely understandable that you want to go back. Family comes first, I'm sure the school understands.
almost 13 years ago
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How can you call yourself a schmuck when you miss your daughter and just want to be home. You are a loving, wonderful mom.
almost 13 years ago
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hi,dear ,I will make the same choice if i were you:) Cheer for you will be with K soon! hug
almost 13 years ago
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I agree with what everyone said... you're not a schmuck... family is first... =) *hugs* squeezing in the time for travel is nice... =) ENJOY!
almost 13 years ago
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You're not being a schmuck. I completely understand your choice :)
almost 13 years ago
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Well, if you're a schmuck, you're my favorite schmuck. You've gotta do what's right for you and your family! Hugs, Elena
almost 13 years ago
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awwwwwww. well, good for you for making a decision and sticking to it!!!! family first, so i think you made the right choice. <hugs>
almost 13 years ago
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family first, that's what i always believe in. add oil, Jaine, you're the best. *hugs*
almost 13 years ago
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Now that you've given them your notice, I want you to totally enjoy these last 5 weeks, okay?
almost 13 years ago
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You're a pretty likable for a schmuck y'know :P Try to enjoy the rest of your time there.
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