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love em or hate em we all have them (cept for me)

There is nothing worse than watching a film or a programme on the telly and having your accent murdered....  the worst Kiwi accent on film was done by an Australian actor (Peter Archer) in "Enter the Dragon".  Seriously I cringe at the accent when I watch this...



this is how a Kiwi accent actually sounds:

some actually think this guy is a Kiwi putting on an American accent, what do you folk with American accents think?



What is it about some accents that attract us, I certainly have a soft spot for Irish, Scottish and some English accents (there are several).  What about you, what accents appeal most to you?





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The one accent that no-one can pull off no matter how hard they try is the Australian. I've heard some pretty good Kiwi rip-offs and American and whatnot but I've never, ever heard a passable Australian one.
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The first one, that guy, Peter Archer, sounds like a mafia mobster. It doesn't even sound New Zullander!!! But then most of the people that probably watched it might not have picked up on the fact that it was trying to be Kiwi and thought it was Aussie. You know there are some people that can't tell the difference. It's hilarious.
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That second clip is good...he had me thinking that he was a Kiwi. Kiwi accent is so possible to do if you're not really trying to take the piss and over do it like some of us Aussies hehehe. But the Aussie accent is for Aussies only!!! That's what I love about no matter how hard people try they just end up looking like an idiot.
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Actually, BL's accent bugs me. lol. Peter sounds like a thug - the scene disturbed me more than his accent. What a jackass character. I like a proper British accent, the kind I can understand.
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My guess would be the 2nd guy naturally has an American accent & is putting on the Kiwi-apparently very well from what ya say. He sort of broke back to an American accent at one point toward the end, then picked the Kiwi back up again. One of my favorites is the Irish accent, reminds me of my roots lol.
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hmm... don't think there is an accent that appeals to me... hehee... o.O
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lol, i like australian accents and british accents. i also love it when french guys speak french. but their american accent is unbearable for me to hear.
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1st guy sounded like he was gargling peanut butter :p I have friends or relatives from NZ, OZ and the UK .. kinda just used to hearing them talk :)
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singaporeans are known for different accents in our english, probably because we speak Singlish (which is in-approperiate when it calls for "proper" conversation). And most of us watch American & British (and local) telly as we grew up, we also adapt alittle here and there. i understand from what people observed abt me; i speak with american accent when i am with english speaking non singaporeans, and singlish with fellow singaporeans! LOL singlish is a combination of local dialets with english and chinese in it.
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That guy from "Enter the Dragon" was horrible. The kid.. I'm not sure. We have so many accents I'm not sure. My gut says he's not an American simpley because initially in the beginning that wasn't an American accent. He had to turn it on. He can't say New Zealand with an American accent. THEN AGAIN.. If he's been in NZ for a bit he may have already have a cross combo of accents.
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oh I remember the guy in 'Enter the Dragon' He sounded bad and I think it came across as poor acting because he was faking an accent.Do you ever get annoyed when New Zealanders are mistaken for Australians? I get the are you Australian line a lot when on hols which I find quite funny. I love the Southern Irish accent, and the Geordies, but I really don't find anything nice in the Scouse accent of Liverpool, not least for the fact I can't understand them when they speak too fast.
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Liannelin 1d liannelin
i met a British girl today and was just telling her that we Americans love European accents. South African is also nice. my favorite is probably Swiss, and the language i think sounds prettiest is Portugese. a Taiwanese guy i just met told me that the Taiwanese like the American accent when we try to speak Mandarin. interesting!
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hahha. yea we all have accents..... :p
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It's awful when an actor butchers an accent or a language. Always makes me cringe. When I watch The Flight of the Conchords, there are certain words that sound really cute to me when pronounced with a Kiwi accent - like 'penguin'. I was fascinated by it. I'm partial to Welsh and Scottish accents myself. They seem rather gentle to me.
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I'm terrible with accents, so I can't really tell what accent someone is! I love the Irish and Scottish accents.
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